Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is GOING ON Around Here???

Um... I think I forgot I have a blog! I've been trading the family history thing that I love about blogs for the immediate gratification that comes from face book. Shame on me!

So- here's what's going on around this ever crazy household of mine...

Dave is amidst a change of guard units. He's FINALLY going to get his Captain! YAY! He will likely be heading back east sometime in December for a Military course. He's enjoying teaching and the year seems to be going really well.

Boston is loving school, swim team, orchestra, piano, and guitar. She is so fun to hang out with! She helped me teach clock classes in Eagle Mountain last week and we just enjoyed hanging out together! Not to mention she was a huge help! I love that girl!

Kamden is also taking guitar lessons. He and Holden took swimming lessons earlier this month and they are both getting to be really good swimmers! They'll be taking the next level in November. At this rate, next time we go snorkeling I won't be able to keep up with either of them! Kamden is taking after his big sister in the good grades department and has managed to stay out of trouble for MOST of the year so far!

Holden is in Grandma Sonya's all day Kindergarten class and is really loving it! He has learned so much already this year! He's always been a super smart boy, but has lacked in a desire to prove it to everyone else. He's reading well and has decided that drawing, writing, and coloring can be fun, too! I love to see his drawings (especially of chickens!). Unlike the other kids, he hasn't enjoyed art of any kind up until now. It's been fun to see that change!

Kenzington loves to dress up as Tinkerbell! As soon as she is dressed every morning she asks for her Tinkerbell dress on over her clothes. Then she says, "I need to twirl!" She's a super fun girl to hang out with, too! She's always playing Dora and watching out for "Swiper da sneaky box!"

Paxton is starting to really move! He gets into a crawling position and rocks, but doesn't crawl. He goes up on his head and feet to get from the crawling position to sitting. He seems to repeat this process to get around instead of crawling and it's pretty funny to watch! He has a smile that melts everyone's hearts and he LOVES to flirt with women! I don't know what I would do without that little guy!

I am staying plenty busy between these kiddos and daycare and vinyl. Super Saturday season has arrived and created it's chaos! There are days when I am so overwhelmed that I am unsure where to start! There are days that I know eXacTly what needs to be done, but don't have enough hours to do it in! And there are days when I'd just like to hybernate! But EVERY day I enjoy being a mom!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy-

Dear Daddy,

I've been convinced for a long while that you can read my blog from the Spirit World, so why not have it be written directly to you now and then?

Today Dave got to come home from Guard, just for the day, for Father's Day. He has to go back in the morning and we won't see him for another week, but it's so nice to have him, even though it's just for the day. He came in at the end of church and surprised us!

I wish you could come home, just for the day, for Father's Day. Boy, wouldn't we be surprised! I'd love to see you interact with my kids. You'd joke around with Holden and bounce Kenzi on your knee. You'd listen to music with Kamden and tell Boston some more knock-knock jokes. You'd rock little Paxton and talk about his cute smile. And you'd give me a big hug and a kiss and tell me that you're proud of me

You were the best Daddy. I miss you so much!

Happy Father's Day!

Love Always,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah-hah moment!

I have found myself looking for advice often on how to parent one particular child of mine that is difficult to parent. I've bought lots of books and delved into them full force. Yet I am not one who enjoys reading because I am such a slow reader (probably because of eye problems!) and I HATE sitting still for that long cuz if I sit still, I fall asleep and I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FALL ASLEEP! Anyway, in my efforts to figure out a plan that will work for my son I have more recently purchased audiobooks and listened to them on my ipod while cleaning etc. This worked really well and this morning I found myself online looking for more of the same!

But then it occurred to me, later this morning, that I was going about this all in the wrong way. I have been looking for advice in all the wrong places! While these sources have been very very helpful, I have forgotten the most important source. The Lord.

In the past, Dave and I have made it a habit to "take inventory" with our kids. What does each one of them need? What does each one of them want? What can we do differently and what are we doing right?

It's been a while since we've done it.

I've turned to my Heavenly Father for help with parenting often, but usually when things are in crisis mode. Why should I wait for them to get there? Things are actually going really well with the kids lately, but that doesn't mean they will stay that way! Why not ask their Maker for His opinion on how to parent them?

I don't think I am done with parenting books. But I DO think I'll turn to another source for His opinion on which ones to buy and on other resources to use. And I'm pretty sure He can help me when I'm in the trenches of parenting and I can't remember a thing those books said!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

He made it!

Here is some video of Kamden at his kindergarten program. This was one of his favorites, I can tell!

My camera battery died before the song that made me bawl, but here are the words to it.

Music and Lyrics by Steve James
© 1997, BMI.

I like being me
And my friends help me see
I'm somebody special
Happy as can be
I feel good inside
When I do what's right
I help my friends and family
I like being me

This year's been a rough one. Kamden's behavior has become more and more defiant at school. There have been sooo many times that I didn't think he'd be participating in Kindergarten graduation. He's so smart, but not everybody can see that because of bad decisions that he makes.

We're working on it! I'm looking forward to having him home all summer and getting him into a positive mode, and then hoping for a better year. He's such a fun and wonderful boy and I'm so glad he's a part of our lives.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing, Growing, Gone!

Holden graduated from preschool last week. He's had lots of fun walking over to Miss Julie's everyday! He's learned a lot, too. We're sad to see it come to an end, but excited for summer. Here's one of the songs that they did at graduation. We love you Holden!

A friend posted on facebook this morning that her son is graduating from high school today. I had said son in primary! Before you know it, I'll be announcing to the world that Holden is graduating from high school! I'm going to enjoy every minute between now and then!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Neglected Blog...

Once upon a time there was a gal named Val and she had a blog that was a bit neglected! Okay, a LOT neglected. I have a new goal and that is to post at least once a week.

A LOT has happened since I have been here. For one thing, I am now momma to FIVE kiddos. Paxton was born on March 16, 2009 and has been such a sweet and fun baby.

We expected him about 3 weeks early because of my medical history, but he came about a week before that because my fluid was really low. We were scared, but he managed to avoid NICU and has been a really healthy boy! He was only 5 lbs. 8 oz., but now weighs about 10 lbs.! He has a sweet personality and is full of smiles! I can't imagine life without him now!

I'm going to play catch up this week and post every day, if I can, but we'll see if it works in. I have put myself on the list again, but sometimes I don't get around to everything on the list!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potty Training...

Kenzington has been trying to figure out the whole potty training thing. She's got it about half down, which means mom either has the other half or cleans up messes! Giggling. The funny thing is that she goes best here at home with a Dora or Barney book in hand. I think when she's 12, if she sees a Dora or Barney book lying around, she'll probably pee her pants!

Her newest thing is to come up to me and say, "Mommy, want naked!" In fact she just threw a royal hissy fit because I told her that right now she needs to wear clothes! GOODNESS!

She refuses to use public restrooms- I think because of the strange toilet seats, and that has made it all interesting. We have to bring her home once in the middle of church to go potty! The other day a prescription at WalMart took about 3 times longer than it should have. She told me she needed to potty about 6 times in the hour worth of roaming the store, and each time I took her and each time she couldn't get herself to go. As soon as we finally were able to pick up the prescription, she peed her pants. The lady gave me a dagger, to which I replied that it was her fault, not mine or my daughter's! I hope she enjoyed cleaning it up!

Anyway, I have spent more time in front of the potty with that cute girl in the last month than I care to! But I have also spent less money on diapers and enjoyed the time I have spent with her in there for the most part. Her vocabulary has increased immensely because of the book reading. My favorite is that she says, "arma-diLLL-O!" giggling.

She's such a fun little girl and I can't imagine life without her.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eyes To See...

Last week in church, our neighbor girl, Madison, sang the following song:

What Heaven Sees in You

Sent to this earth, you were saved through the ages for this day and time.
Child of great worth, child of promise, daughter of the divine;
Pure and holy, in a little white dress
You were held in a circ
le and you were blessed.
And the Father looked down and the angels surrounded that place.
They knew the truth—all that you could do
And you will too if you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you.

Dressed in white once more, making promises to follow in God's way.
So much lies in store for the little girl who enters at the gate.
Pure and holy, in a little white dress
You were led into the water and you were blessed.
And the Father looked down and the angels surrounded that place.
They knew the truth—all that you could do
And you will too if you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you.

Do you understand who you are?
Part of the Father lives in you.
And if you continue on this path
Every promise God has given will come true.

Heaven on earth, in the House of God so much fills your heart and mind.
Woman of great worth, woman of promise, daughter of the divine;
Pure and holy, in a long white dress
You promise forever and you are blessed.
And the Father looks down and the angels surround that place.
They know the truth—all that you can do
And you do too, 'cause you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you.

Will you have eyes to see what heaven sees in you?

©2001 Doug Walker & Sherry Marks Walker

Madison is about 12 years old and was born with some cranio-facial abnormalities, among other things. She has been through countless surgeries. In addition to this, her father died suddenly about 7 years ago.

Although I had taken a wiggly and loud Kenzington to the foyer, I still managed to really feel the Spirit through Madison's beautifully sung song. I know that there have been lots of times when Madison, along with much of the world, has had a hard time seeing what Heaven sees in her.
And it hit me really hard. Lately I have been too busy and felt too incapable of too much. I have NOT had eyes to see what Heaven sees in me. And I have been impatient with my children and critical of others and I've forgotten to see what Heaven sees in each of them.

Recently, we started Kamden on medication for attention deficit disorder. Starting him was a decision that we have mulled over for a long time, not sure if it was something that we wanted for him or not. Part of what led to us trying medication is that he has had behavior problems at school recently and we were at a lack of what else to do.

Although the first week or so we saw a lot of side effects and there were moments that were rough, we also saw a LOT of benefits right away that made it so we didn't mind waiting out the rough-spots. The change in him is miraculous! I am sooooooo grateful that we decided to try this medication!

Part of ADD is that one area of the brain is understimulated while other areas of the brain are overstimulated. Children who have ADD go looking for ways to stimulate that area of the brain. Computer games and extremely stimulating toys do the trick, but turning people into toys does the trick as well. Cause and effect is a great game for kids with ADD and with Kamden, he doesn't care about people being mad at him or if what he does to them hurts them or whatever, as long as the result is stimulating.

The medication sort of "equalizes" the brain so that all areas are stimulated the correct amount. Suddenly there is no reason to annoy others intentionally or get into trouble for fun!
Wow! We have suddenly been able to see the real Kamden again and it has been amazing! I think he is a little shocked, too.

It reminds me a bit of when Boston first got her glasses (at age 2) and as the woman gave her the mirror to see herself, her eyes really lit up and she actually didn't want to give the woman the mirror back! She hadn't seen herself in so long that she forgot what she looked like!

Today in primary, the kids were each given a little red heart that they were supposed to take home with them and, sometime this week, give to someone that they had performed an act of service for. Shortly after church our family was about to have family council when Kamden disappeared in the other room. He had gone into our room to make our bed. Through a strange series of events, the shower curtain that my mom recently bought for her new bathroom (being built in our basement right now) ended up left on our bed this morning. Kamden didn't know it was a shower curtain and it got made into our bed! So cute! Kamden also took our scriptures and laid them on our pillows for when we study later. So sweet!

NONE of these things were things that Kamden would have done a few weeks ago. He would have possibly wanted to do something kind for us, but would never have taken the initiative to do it, especially alone.

I am grateful for the reminder from Madison to see what Heaven sees in me and to look for what Heaven sees in others. I am grateful for Kamden's medication that is helping EVERYONE to see what Heaven sees in Kamden and for the benefits it has alread had in his life. I KNOW that we made the right decision for Kamden in beginning this medication.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Blogging is something I used to do a lot of... It was a way for my husband to keep up with our kiddos while he was overseas and it was a way for me to organize my thoughts. I enjoyed it! I miss it! Well, I guess it's time that I start it again!
Like my description above says, this is for me! I can almost guarrantee, however, that NOTHING I have to say will be about me. It will be about the happenings in this ever crazy household that I claim to be the CEO of and anything else that sneaks out of my brain!
So here goes! The first day of Valerie, back on the list!