Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy-

Dear Daddy,

I've been convinced for a long while that you can read my blog from the Spirit World, so why not have it be written directly to you now and then?

Today Dave got to come home from Guard, just for the day, for Father's Day. He has to go back in the morning and we won't see him for another week, but it's so nice to have him, even though it's just for the day. He came in at the end of church and surprised us!

I wish you could come home, just for the day, for Father's Day. Boy, wouldn't we be surprised! I'd love to see you interact with my kids. You'd joke around with Holden and bounce Kenzi on your knee. You'd listen to music with Kamden and tell Boston some more knock-knock jokes. You'd rock little Paxton and talk about his cute smile. And you'd give me a big hug and a kiss and tell me that you're proud of me

You were the best Daddy. I miss you so much!

Happy Father's Day!

Love Always,

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