Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is GOING ON Around Here???

Um... I think I forgot I have a blog! I've been trading the family history thing that I love about blogs for the immediate gratification that comes from face book. Shame on me!

So- here's what's going on around this ever crazy household of mine...

Dave is amidst a change of guard units. He's FINALLY going to get his Captain! YAY! He will likely be heading back east sometime in December for a Military course. He's enjoying teaching and the year seems to be going really well.

Boston is loving school, swim team, orchestra, piano, and guitar. She is so fun to hang out with! She helped me teach clock classes in Eagle Mountain last week and we just enjoyed hanging out together! Not to mention she was a huge help! I love that girl!

Kamden is also taking guitar lessons. He and Holden took swimming lessons earlier this month and they are both getting to be really good swimmers! They'll be taking the next level in November. At this rate, next time we go snorkeling I won't be able to keep up with either of them! Kamden is taking after his big sister in the good grades department and has managed to stay out of trouble for MOST of the year so far!

Holden is in Grandma Sonya's all day Kindergarten class and is really loving it! He has learned so much already this year! He's always been a super smart boy, but has lacked in a desire to prove it to everyone else. He's reading well and has decided that drawing, writing, and coloring can be fun, too! I love to see his drawings (especially of chickens!). Unlike the other kids, he hasn't enjoyed art of any kind up until now. It's been fun to see that change!

Kenzington loves to dress up as Tinkerbell! As soon as she is dressed every morning she asks for her Tinkerbell dress on over her clothes. Then she says, "I need to twirl!" She's a super fun girl to hang out with, too! She's always playing Dora and watching out for "Swiper da sneaky box!"

Paxton is starting to really move! He gets into a crawling position and rocks, but doesn't crawl. He goes up on his head and feet to get from the crawling position to sitting. He seems to repeat this process to get around instead of crawling and it's pretty funny to watch! He has a smile that melts everyone's hearts and he LOVES to flirt with women! I don't know what I would do without that little guy!

I am staying plenty busy between these kiddos and daycare and vinyl. Super Saturday season has arrived and created it's chaos! There are days when I am so overwhelmed that I am unsure where to start! There are days that I know eXacTly what needs to be done, but don't have enough hours to do it in! And there are days when I'd just like to hybernate! But EVERY day I enjoy being a mom!


  1. I just put it all together that we have kids almost the exact same age. Boston and my oldest are at least a couple of years apart, but from Kamden on down, we're the same :)

  2. I've thought that to myself before! How old is your oldest? Okeydoke Boston is 11, Kamden is 7, Holden is 6 in Dec., Kenzington is 2.5, Paxton is 7.5 mos.

  3. like your blog. Its cool. Right now i am trying to do the 365 picture a day thing. So far i have done it for 24 days yeah!!!!!!!!