Friday, October 29, 2010

Kid Quote Of the DECADE!

(At least so far- the decade is still young!) Kamden had his baptismal interview with our bishop last night. Afterward he and I were walking home from the church, hand in hand, and talking about his upcoming baptism. I asked him if he was scared at all. He said no. Then he admitted maybe a little- of being dunked under water. I told him that he didn't need to be afraid- that Daddy would help him hold his nose and things would be fine. He thought a minute and then asked, "Can I wear goggles please???" Can't you just picture that? Too funny. Seems like just yesterday he was the little kid that could barely talk that, watching someone else be baptized, sat so close to the font that you worried he might dive in. On one such occasion- Cassidy's baptism, Barry pulled her up out of the water and Kamden announced loud enough that the entire room giggled, "OH...-that GOOD!" -- Love that boy!

Amazing Graces

Looking back over the last several days and weeks I am completely amazed by the tender mercies and amazing graces of our Father In Heaven. Nothing spectacular or confounding has taken place- just lots of little blessings that all added together add up to many miracles. I am beyond grateful to be able to recognize the hand of the Lord in my life.

A lot has come with my recent calling. A lot of responsibility. A lot of worry. A lot of demand of time. A lot of BLESSINGS that have made it all work out for me personally as well as for others. I am amazed at some of what goes on behind the scenes that I never was aware of before. I am also amazed at the love and care that the sisters of our ward have for one another without anyone ever asking, without any recognition or acknowledgment, just out of love.

As a result of me being called as the Relief Society President of our ward, a dear friend of mine was called to replace me as Relief Society Activities Coordinator. With our Super Saturday just around the corner, much was dropped in this dear sister's lap. I just need to say that it was absolutely the correct lap to be dropped in. She has brought much to the table in areas where I was lacking (SUCH AS ORGANIZATION SKILLS!) and has worked well with the other amazing sister on our committee. The two of them are a very dynamic duo! What a huge amount of relief has come to me as the two of them have risen to the occasion and kept the Super Saturday ball rolling with such strength!

God is Good!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kamden is 8!

I can hardly believe that my biggest baby boy is 8 years old! It seems like just yesterday we were getting that first call, letting us know that someone was looking at our adoption profile and considering us to be the family of our baby. A few days later and we got another phone call, asking if we could work some time into our schedule to come and pick up OUR BABY BOY! Needless to say, we found a way to work him in!

Our big guy has made that important decision to be baptized and become a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. We couldn't be happier about his decision!

We love you Kamden! We are so glad that Heavenly Father helped you to find your way into our home and into our hearts forever!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deep breaths!

I have a new calling at church. I was called today to be my ward's Relief Society president.

Deep breaths...

I've been taking a lot of those lately...

I have never ever had such anxiety over a calling! EVER! Over the last several weeks I have had lots of sleepless nights and worry. Thankfully I am able to sleep these days and worry much less, but I am still a bit of a nervous wreck!

But I have faith in Heavenly Father and I have faith in His timing. I know that whom the Lord calls, the Lord blesses with whatever they need to be equal to the call. Boy does He have a tall order in front of Him as far as that is concerned.

More deep breaths!

I don't know how things are going to work, but I do know that they will. Somehow I will find time for what matters most and work in all that is asked of me.

Faith in God includes faith in His timing.

(more deep breaths!)

KID QUOTE OF THE DAY: Paxton! (first time I've quoted him!) As the Sacrament was being passed today, Paxton, excited for the water, began calling out to the deacons to bring it to him. In his mind, tall males are Da-da... this is what he said, "Daaaaaaa-daah! Iunwa-uh!" He repeated this over and over to them until he had a cute little cup in his hands and dumped it all over both of us! It was JUST about the cutest thing ever!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Life has been crazy- I haven't made time to blog in the longest while. I still don't have any time to spare, but I'm going to do it anyway!

About a week and a half ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. Uck! One of them flipped into my throat and scared the dentist half to death! I casually sat up and turned to the side, coughed it into my hand, and handed it to the dentist. No big deal. I have done amazingly well- advil has been enough for the pain. I even went to class that night. Just a little bit of jaw pain and a groudy taste in my mouth . Thank goodness that's mostly done with.

School has been going well. I'm managing to stay MOSTLY on top of things and I'm pulling straight A grades so far. I'm actually ENJOYING stats class for the most part because I GET IT.

I'm excited for general conference this weekend! I can't wait to hear the prophet speak! You can listen to, by going to the new LDS General Conference Website. We are so blessed to be able to hear what our Father in Heaven wants us to know.

Life has felt overwhelming to me at times lately. Mostly because I've had no appetite, (even before my wisdom teeth, but let's face it, that didn't help!) and a bit of insomnia. I just can't shut my brain off at night! The combo makes for a grumpy momma! I'll explain this a little more soon, but I've had a lot on my mind. Things are getting a little bit better, thankfully.

Tonight I am taking Boston and some friends to The Olive Garden for dinner in early celebration of her TWELFTH birthday which is Monday. How on earth did my girl get to be so old? She'll be joining the Young Women in the High Heel Hallway! She's such an amazing girl and I'm so lucky that I get to be her momma! She wanted to do her party early because she's hoping to have a part in the Missoula Children's Theatre play next week. The boys are trying out as well, wish them all luck!

The boys recently started piano lessons and Kenzi, after much begging, started dance class and LOVES it. Boston is taking a break from swim team for a while, but is still doing orchestra and is about to start early morning math club.

Busy busy busy, but good. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family and good friends.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Gulp! And a kid quote!

Just coming up for a quick breath! It might be awhile before I take another!
Gotta share a quick kid quote of the day!
Boston to Kenzington this morning: "Wow! Cute bed head, sister!"
Kenz: "Ya, it WAS sleeping, but then it decided to wake up already!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurting Hands, Healing Hands

Last night I did something SOOOO stupid! I burnt BOTH hands to China moving a bowl of boiling water from the microwave. The bowl was not only too hot to be moving the way I did, but too full with the nearest countertop too far away. Anyway, long story short, it didn't seem too hot when I started, but seemed to get hotter as I went. The countertop is across the room a bit and the faster I hurried, the more boiling hot water I spilt on myself. I finally made a decision to drop the glass bowl and risk it shattering because the results would have been better. Oh I'm an idiot!

Anyway- as long as I kept my hands in a bucket of cool water, I was fine, but I knew that eventually I had to transition out and the pain was too much to bare! I phoned a friend that is a nurse and another friend that works in Tooele's ER. Both gave good advice and suggested that a trip to the ER was unnecessary and that they wouldn't be able to do anything for me that I wasn't already doing.

Dave and Bobby gave me a Priesthood blessing, standing right there at my kitchen sink with my hands in a bucket! Kenzington came into the kitchen just before they offered the blessing and they told her what they were going to do. It was sooo cute, she told them not to worry cuz she would put her hands on my head and say a prayer! They explained to her a bit about blessings, but I sure thought that was darling!

Like I mentioned above, if I didn't have my hands in cool water the pain was SOOOO intense! The only way I can describe it is that if they weren't in cool water, it felt like I had them in boiling water. I'm not sure exactly how I knew, but from that blessing I knew that if I could go 10-15 minutes without that bucket of water, the pain would end and I'd be able to sleep, but it was just getting through those 10-15 minutes that would be the miserable part. All I could do was just bawl and pray. Dave actually gave me another blessing for comfort while I was going through that transition time. No sooner had he placed his hands on my head than the pain began to subside in my left hand. No sooner had he lifted them from my head when the pain began to subside from my right hand. 5 minutes later and I was able to relax a bit and soon sleep throughout the night with very little pain. The Priesthood works!

Today I can (obviously) type, and clean, and do pretty much anything I normally would do! I was soooo worried about that! We take our hands for granted! Also, I start school today and I am very grateful to have almost full use of my hands, just as I was promised in that blessing last night. There are a few things I need to do carefully and slowly, but I'm grateful to be able to do at all. The Priesthood works!

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Week Into It!

Okeydoke- so we are one week into it all-

1 week into the kids and Dave back at school (so far, so good!)
1 week into NO GROCERY SHOPPING and no eating out (I've had my moments of REALLY
wanting to just go grab burgers or whatever, but so far so good!)

My head is spinning a bit trying to find the new norm. I have been SO GRUMPY THIS WEEK!

Some of my grumpiness comes from sending off all my best helpers to school. Dave and Boston have been amazing to have around this summer! And some of it comes from sending off all my kiddos. I'm just not ready! I knew there might be some emotional moments sending my own children off for first day, but nobody ever told me I'd get so emotional about sending off OTHER PEOPLE'S kiddos! My little Sydnee who I have watched since she was born is heading off not just to kindergarten, but to all-day kindergarten. My brain is fast forwarding to a few years from now when Terra won't need me at all anymore! That's the hardest part of daycare is letting my babies go. None of them were mine to begin with, but in sooo many ways, they are and always will be. Love you Super-Sydnee!

I start classes again on Monday. I'm not ready! All that has happened during the few weeks I've had off is catch-up on vinyl and housework etc. There has not been any kind of an actual BREAK for me! I'm not ready to start it all again and this round have 1/2 as many helpers and vinyl getting crazier all the time!

But- I guess it's time to be a big girl, take a BIG BREATH and head back in for round 2.

Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Don't Have to Can to Get to Heaven!

I've said it before and I STAND BY it still...

You don't have to can to get to Heaven!

Today I likely came the closest I ever will to canning...


I like lots of veggies in my sauce (shhh... DON'T TELL MY KIDS!- I pureed them!), which I hear can make it less safe in canning, and I don't own any canning equipment. But I had OOODLES of ripe and ready tomatoes from my garden (even though the gofers ate 2 plants x 3 times replacing them!) that i didn't want to go to waste sitting on my counter.

Thanks to my friend Christine for her recipe (which I sorta almost maybe kinda followed!) and been there done that tips, and to my momma for the use of her blender (although I didn't even ask permission!).

Mmmm! Smells DIVINE! Off to make some garlic bread to go with!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CHALLENGE- (pay attention, there's PRIZES!)

Okeydoke- so this morning I was making a bit of a shopping list. I was suddenly realizing that I really don't have a huge need to go to the grocery store as often as I used to. I've been getting all of my produce either from my garden or from Bountiful Baskets. Everything else I need and use is something I can store long term on the shelf or in the freezer. The one and only critical exception for me is MILK! Because of daycare, I can't use powdered milk like Country Cream (although I DO like Country Cream and my family doesn't even notice a difference!) I DON'T like the taste of Winder Dairy's milk (which is too bad, since they deliver!) and i refuse to rinse out jugs anyway, so I guess I still need the grocery store after all. BUT- I've decided to take on a challenge...

You want to play, too, don't you??? (Nod your head YES, because I am ALL about providing prizes to challenges, and I PROMISE prizes that you will like!)

But FIRST for the challenge:
Now for the rules:
You ARE allowed ONE LAST shopping trip before we start.
You ARE allowed to purchase fresh produce from the co-op of your choice.
You ARE allowed to purchase milk from the grocery store, but NOTHING ELSE.
You ARE NOT allowed to send spouses, friends, significant others, etc. (or anyone else for that
matter!) to the grocery store for you!

And now for the PRIZES!
(If my blog were more heavily traveled, I might be in TROUBLE!)
of your choice, for your home, up to 3 ft. in length up to 12 inches in height, one color for ANYONE that signs up for this challenge (by posting a comment saying that you're in!) before Saturday, August 21st AND successfully completes a month (so, September 21st) within the above rules. I'll even pay to ship it to you if you don't live where I do!

Be THOROUGH in your one-last-shop-shopping list-making!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kid Quotes of the Week!

Boston to Kenzi: "Shake your boody!"
Kenz: "I can't! When I shake my boody, my panties fall off!"
Getting in the car the other night, out of nowhere,
Kenz says: "Mom, where does Heavenly Fader live anyway?"
Before I can answer,
Kamden responds: "Way, WAY up in the sky... like in OUTER SPACE!"
Kenzington announcement!: "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to be a monster truck driver! My friend Chaille is going to be Hannah Tannah!"
Mom response: "Can I drive your monster truck sometimes?"
Kenz: "Nope, but I'll let you ride in the back!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hall Bathroom redux!

So- it started out as a "Let's FINALLY change out these nasty towel bars!" and sorta turned into a "Let's finally paint and DECORATE this ridiculous bathroom!"

Part of what took us so long to get to decorating this room in our home is the strange orange color of the bowl sink. I never EVER would have chosen it, but I've learned to sorta love it anyway! But it definitely is the boss of what we do with the rest of the room!

I think it turned out pretty cute! A few changes still to be made- the small hand towel is begging to be turquoise as well and I ran out of ribbon to tie around it. I need to put some photos in those little wave frames near the sink. Lastly, the trim and closet doors need a fresh coat of white paint to cover up the dark sage green that was applied by the previous homeowners in such an unfortunate fashion. I can't wait to have it FINISHED, but I couldn't wait to take pics of how far we've come! Thanks Handsome Husband for helping me paint!

Shauna Colvin’s Dinner Rolls

2 cups scalded milk (or better yet, 1 cup evaporated milk and 1 cup hottest tap water!)

¾ cup warm water

1 cube margarine, melted

***(you want the temperature of all the above liquids to be 90°-100° or about baby bottle temperature. So if you scald the milk or overheat the margarine, use cold water instead of warm water etc.)***

2 large eggs

½ cup sugar

2 tsp. salt

4 cups flour

2 Tbs. yeast

Add the ingredients in the order listed above, whisking in the eggs and adding the yeast on TOP of the flour (to shield it from the salt). Add 3-4 more cups flour, a ½ cup at a time until the dough cleans the sides and bottom of the bowl. Knead for 7 minutes. Turn out onto lightly floured surface. Squeeze off balls of dough about 2 ¼ inches in diameter. Place about ½ inch apart on a greased baking sheet. Preheat oven to 400°. Cover dough with warm wet towel and let rise about 20 minutes or until double. Bake 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with butter and cover with a towel until serving.

Shauna’s Sticky Pull-Apart Ring

Make Shauna’s dinner roll dough above. Preheat oven to 400°. Spray a Bundt pan with cooking spray. Place a ring of 2 ¼ inch balls of dough in the Bundt pan (usually there is a wider section every inch or so). Next place a second ring of dough balls in between each ball from the original ring. Sprinkle ½ of a small package of cook and serve butterscotch pudding mix evenly over the dough. Melt ¾ cube of margarine in the microwave. Mix ½ cup light brown sugar in with margarine. Pour the mixture over the roll dough. Cover with a warm damp towel and let rise about 15 minutes or until double. Bake about 20 minutes in 400° oven. Dump out immediately onto a serving plate and serve!

Shauna’s Italian Pull-Apart Ring

1 cube butter

1/8 tsp. dried minced garlic OR one clove fresh garlic

Make Shauna’s dinner roll dough above. Preheat oven to 400°. Spray a Bundt pan with cooking spray. Sprinkle pan with parmesan cheese. Dip 2 ¼ inch balls of dough in melted garlic butter and place in a ring around the bottom of the Bundt pan (usually there is a wider section every inch or so). Next place a second ring of buttered dough balls in between each ball from the original ring. Sprinkle more parmesan cheese evenly over top of dough balls. Pour remaining garlic butter evenly over top. Cover with a warm damp towel and let rise about 15 minutes or until double. Bake about 20 minutes in 400° oven. Dump out immediately onto a serving plate and serve!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FINALLY Done With Finals!

Whew! I made it! I took my last final for Summer semester today. I did well! HALLEFREAKINLEUIJIAH! Now to catch my breath on the rest of life and take a big gulp of air before starting Fall in a few weeks.

Kid Quote of the WEEK:
Boston put some of her hard earned money in her CD yesterday. It came up in conversation and Kamden, overhearing, mentioned that he wanted to "sell some money to the bank, too!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Craze!

The semester is winding down and there's a bit of craziness with a few deadlines. Anyway- I just wanted to take a minute to write a bit about LIFE!

We're enjoying a little bit of early harvest from our garden! Zucchini, sun-sugar tomatoes, peas, and peppers. Crook neck squash should be ready in a day or two, and there are lots of tomatoes ripening up here soon. We've had a few little varments enjoying their OWN harvest whenever they want to, but I'll take an occasional gopher nuisance over last year's grasshopper plague any old day! Buttered zucchini and sun-sugar tomatoes fresh out of the garden... YUM! THAT'S what summer tastes like!

We went to the Ute Stampede Mammoth Parade and Carnival a few weeks back and met up with Charloe and her little family. It was so fun! The kids had a ball and Kamden only went a-wol ONCE this year! ☺!Boston had fun riding big kid rides with Parker and Kip. She even took Kamden on the zipper once, which he LOVED!

Daycare, vinyl, writing assignments, and tests are keeping life crazy crazy crazy! I hired Boston to help with housework for an hour a day to help her earn money for her trip to DC next summer and to help me not go insane! It's worked out pretty well so far! She's learning a lot about responsibility and that's been good for us both! I don't know what I'll do when Dave isn't home all summer to help with kids and housework, too! It's been nice to be able to share the responsibilities of this crazy house around a bit!

I SHOULD have all A or A- grades! Hoping I can hold my own the same way next semester! Today's to do list includes writing 2 papers, about $200 worth of vinyl, and preparing for a test. Could be a beast!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Evenings are the Best!

Last night is my favorite kind of night... The nights where we all venture outside and the kids play and play while Dave and I tackle yard work and enjoy the cooler air. Paxton especially was just so fun last night! He punkered around the yard, doing silly things like drinking the dog water, puppy style, digging in the sand box and teasing the chickens. Kamden and Holden giggled and teased each other on the swings for hours and Kenzi just sort of did her own thing, including yelling at Saydee (our Sheltie) that if she didn't come, she wasn't going to play with her anymore! Boston had gone with Grandma to visit her cousins and it was strange not having her here! I got the vegetable garden weeded, Dave got the lawn mowed, and I managed to convince Paxton that the baby swing is not a torture-device! It was nice to venture away from studying for a bit and just enjoy my children and some therapeutic time in the garden. Here's some of the pics I snapped of the kids playing:

Kid Quote of the WEEK: An alarm on my cellphone went off while Boston and I were in line at Subway. Boston has figured out that if she smacks the pocket of my purse that the phone is in, it will turn it off. Well, this time the phone was in the back pocket of my pants, so she smacked my hiney! She must have thought smacking me was fun cuz long after the alarm stopped, she was still smacking my hiney. "Why are you still smacking me?" I asked. Her response? "I'm texting!" Love that girl!

Popsicle Paxton

Fabulous Fourth-a July!

We had a fabulous 4th of July weekend! Friday night we went to the Air Supply concert and fireworks sponsored by Tooele City. The concert was okay, but the fireworks were GREAT!
Saturday we went to the 4th of July celebration at Nephi City Park. My brother Jason is a dj and he takes care of the sound for the talent show and auctions and also provides bounce-houses for the carnival. Dave helps babysit and tear down bounce-houses each year. The kids LOVE the carnival and have a great time every year.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He's AMAZING! And he's MINE!

Can I just tell you that my sweet husband is AMAZING! I seriously must be the luckiest girl alive! Since he has been home from Tennessee the last week and a half, Dave has gone OUT OF HIS WAY to tackle honey-do lists, take care of kiddos, bring me CHOCOLATE and anything else he can think of to be a sweet-heart and help my stress be less. Here's some of the AMAZING things he's been up to! (I also gotta say, I LOVE summer!)

  1. Built a chicken CASTLE (I'll post pics soon, I promise!)
  2. Put together our 2nd compost tumbler
  3. fixed and adjusted sprinklers, drip system etc.
  4. Cleaned and organized the garage (I can park my 'Burban where it b'longs!)
  5. Mowed and edged the yard TWICE!
  6. Cleaned out the freezer
  7. Not only ALL of the above HUGE projects, but he's also helped take care of kids, washed dishes, run errands, and done ANYTHING he can to be helpful and sweet!
I have needed his help sooooo much! My one class has been such a beast! With daycare and vinyl and LIFE on top of all of it, I don't think I could have gone another 2 weeks without my better half. Baby you're amazing! Love you!
(This picture was taken at the hospital right before I had Paxton. The t-shirt says it all!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Newzzz

Yesterday, I believe out of boredom, Boston and Hunter actually got along and created this (to be distributed today, thus the date!) Newspaper. So funny!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kid Quotes of the Week!

Kenz: "Mom, will you help me blow my snozzer?"

Holden, in the car: "Look, there's a yard sale!" Dave (just to see if he knows!): "What's a yard sale, Holden?" Holden in response: "It's when you put all your stuff exept your bed on the grass and see if people will give you money!"

Boston to my brother Bobby: "Just to warn you, the daycare kids all call Grandma Grandma Sonya, too." Bobby, not knowing why he needed the warning: "Ooh-Kaaaay...."
Boston, trying to explain: "You know they are going to call you Uncle Bobby, too!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lunch with Favorite Friends!

Saturday I had the rare opportunity to have lunch with 2 of my favorite people, Charloe and Jan. I also had the opportunity (but this one is NOT rare at all!) of having lunch with 5 of my other favorite people who, much to my dismay, tagged along. Charloe and Jan were both very helpful with the kids, who all, amazingly, behaved rather well.

I've decided that we SHOULD have found a way to get Micah there with us, too, because then we'd at least have some photos of all of us together and EVEN some photos of our yummy Cafe' Rio food and MAYBE even a critique of the food for all of you to enjoy! Micah, next time, girl!

We also walked through the venders at a home-school conference Charloe and Jan were attending. My kids enjoyed that a lot because we purchased some cool magnet blocks and checked out an online piano program that was fun for them. Shhh, don't tell ANY of them these items were educational! Giggling.

Anyway, I HAD my camera with me, but Mr. Wiggle-Boy Paxton prevented it's use. I only wish we'd had more time to visit and enjoy each others' company. But I know that no matter how much time we'd had, it wouldn't have been enough! Thanks for a fun day, ladies, and for all the help with my turkeys! We need to do it again sometime soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

They're GROWING!

Dear KSL,

I wanted to bring to your attention a new gardening practice called edible landscaping.
Here's a closer look:
See those two tiny plants with no flowers? They are cucumbers. They are growing in the flowerbed outside your studio. See previous entry. IT BROUGHT Boston and I both IMMENSE JOY to see that they were growing! Cucumber plants CAN be very beautiful! They produce beautiful flowers, too (and later, edible cylindrical fruit that has a green rind and crisp white flesh and can be either eaten fresh or PICKLED!)

So... I know it's a little strange that we planted cucumbers in your flowerbed...
PLEASE let them grow!

Valerie and Boston
(we watch KSL News at 10 EVERY night!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Symphony, Cucumbers, and Deer???

Saturday night, Boston attended the SYMPHONY with me! I had to attend for a class I am taking. Boston has been learning to play the violin this year, so she was the perfect date for me! We both really enjoyed the concert, but I enjoyed watching the audience more! Pardon me for saying so, but many symphony-goers appear to be so darn "artsy-fartsy!" Giggling. The best audience watching was that the particular pieces being played were much like a lullaby in places and literally put many audience members to sleep! Then would come a huge clamor from the drum section and some people jumped right out of their seats! It was AWESOME to watch!

As we were changing clothes before the symphony, I realized that I had a package of cucumber seeds in my jean pocket from planting the garden earlier that day. We joked around about how we'd driven into Salt Lake to go to the Symphony and plant cucumbers. Well, after the Symphony, we REALLY did plant 5 little cucumber seeds in the flower-beds outside KSL's studios! HAAAH! When we told Dave on the phone, he said, "Now watch, we'll be watching the news in a few weeks and Nadine Wimmer will mention that some wierdo planted cucumbers in their flower beds!" It was so much fun to be silly with my girl!

Sunday night we wound up at my brother Jason's house to hang out with family. We came back late that night because Dave had to help with Scout flags Monday morning. On the way home, we hit a deer, or, should I say, the deer hit us! Luckily no damage to the 'Burban other than a little ding above the driver's front tire that is barely noticable. Too bad I can't say the same for the deer, the poor guy! We are definitely watched over and protected, cuz that was a big guy!

So, my garden is finally all the way planted, I got the drip sytem's issues all smoothed out, and Dave built half of the chicken coop! (Boston has turned us into accidental chicken farmers!) Now if only my house had recovered from the weekend! I guess it's time to tackle it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mush-Brain and Grumpy Girl

Agggh! I just turned in my music assignment for my art class. Glugh! I think I now have mush-brain times 200! Analyzing classical music is SOOOO not my thing. Listing works cited for music I listened to in MLA style is REALLY not my thing. It gets a little complicated when you have a composer that lived centuries ago, a present day recording and performers! Not to mention that all of this, even though I started a week ago, kept me up half the night. Glugh!
AND- I deserve the "Mother Of The Year" award because last night was my turn to tuck the big kids in bed and say prayers with them and I didn't do it. Mostly cuz I thought that Dave did while I was rocking Paxton to sleep. But this morning I discovered that the boys slept with their light on all night and that Kamden actually slept with his glasses on because they were waiting for me to tuck them. Glugh! Oh well. Not much I can do about it now.
Kid Quote of the Day for May 27, 2010
Kenz, "Who wants to go on a ride-bike???" The best part is that Holden got it and started laughing!
Kid Quote of the Day for May 24, 2010
This day was my birthday and we went to dinner at Applebee's. Dave and I had discussed that some trees and plants I had ordered online would be my birthday gift this year and that the kids would help me plant when the trees arrived. BUT- we didn't really discuss this with the kids I guess. 15 or so minutes into dinner, Holden got up from his seat and quietly came over to me and asked, "Mom, are you mad I didn't get you a present for your birthday?" It was the sweetest thing and made my heart melt! What a cutie-pot!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And he's OFF!

Okay, so my baby boy is LITTLE for his age. He's 14 months old and weighs about 19 lbs. He's been walking since 11 months and has always looked too little to be doing that! But the best is when he RUNS! He can get his arms pumping pretty hard! Giggling!

Each night after scriptures and prayer, the kids go down the hall to brush their teeth. Once he realizes what they are doing, Paxton wiggles and squirms out of my arms and hauls hiney down the hall, too! Most nights he even will pull the drawer open and reach in for toothpaste and a toothbrush. Other nights he attempts to unroll the toilet paper or get into the potty. Too funny!

The other night, for some reason he was in the kitchen when he realized what was going on. I was on the couch and was SOOOO entertained by his sudden realization and running from the kitchen that I laughed outloud! What's a mom to do other than recreate the scene with camera in hand! So I parked myself in the hallway near the bathroom and had Boston take Paxton back to the kitchen and let him go! Here's the vidz! Too funny! I love that boy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check it out!

So I bought the MOST AMAZING new tool for hair. Check out my girl! Let me know if you want the details and I'll give you the low down! FYI I spent less than $40 on this and it has 3 barrels!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

School IS

Kicking my HINEY! But I'm managing to stay afloat and even a little ahead on a few things. If you read this post and feel even a tiny bit bad for me, send chocolate! ☺!

Kid Quote Of the Day:

Kenzington to Kamden, who was really bugging her, "Kamden! Leave me 'lone or I'm going to kick your bum-cheeks clear to China!" Gee. I wonder where she heard that from. Hmmm... I hope he doesn't mess with her during Sacrament meeting. Too bad I encouraged similar outcries by not even being capable of controlling my laughter! Too funny!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding A Minute! Total Random Thoughts.

It seems things have been even crazier than normal around here lately, and I dare say it isn't going to get any better. I decided to MAKE time to TAKE time to put myself on the list today and blog here. It might end up to be a bunch of random thoughts sort of spewed on "paper," so to speak, but I'm just going to remind you that this silly blog is for me and not for you, so I'm going to spew away! Giggling.

Yesterday I had the HONOR and the privilege to "pin" my sweet husband. That's right, I am OFFICIALLY married to Captain Lewis David Anderson of the Utah National Guard! This promotion has been a long time coming and was definitely earned! Dave has been doing the job of a Captain for a few years now. It's nice that now he will have the pay and title that go with it! The ceremony was slated for 7 am yesterday, and much to my embarrassment, they had to wait around for us for about 10 minutes. Children and 5:30 am without husbandly help don't always go hand in hand. Good thing the military has practiced up a great deal on hurrying up and waiting. Dave's parents came to Lehi for the event as well and afterward we all went to breakfast.

In other news, I finally have SOME of my garden planted. Between rainy weather and waiting to borrow a neighbor's rototiller, I was worried that the planting might not even take place this year! I learned about a 2-bucket, self watering container garden from a friend and had ALMOST decided not to plant in my actual garden spot this year. After all, last year the grasshoppers made walking outside almost completely impossible! But I have decided that I need to have more faith. I planted my tomatoes yesterday and I intend to finish up my planting tomorrow. With some help from my friend Esther, I finally made some decisions about planting some fruit trees and grapes in our yard and I can hardly wait for them to arrive and get them planted. I am just wishing I could wave my magic wand and have all the work involved done! I guess, while we are at it, how about having it all be mature and producing as well!

Here's some silly side-notes. I am in charge of Relief Society Activities in my ward. We did a gardening night last week that turned out so great (mostly because we had GREAT gardeners share their knowlede! Thanks Shauna, Michelle, Heidi, and Vicki!) I did a little quick blurb on the self watering bucket thing. In preparation for it, I went and got 143 buckets from a lady in Centerville that had posted them on KSL for FREE! Our family went to the Salt Lake City Library to see the Diaries of Ann Frank exhibit on the way to get them. When we came out of the exhibit, I realized that I had a DI bag in the back of my Suburban. I needed EVERY bit of room for the buckets! Well... there was this pick-up truck parked next to me... and... well. I hope the owner of it could use the size 3t girls clothes that I left there! Can you imagine what the reaction would be to finding that? "What the.... ???" Giggling. I swear I have got some repenting to do!

I also purchased a composter yesterday and I am really excited about it. Costco has a 10+ cubic foot compost turner for only $99. MUCH better priced than I could find one anywhere else! I liked the overall design of this particular model, easy to load, easy to empty! It is made by Lifetime. I discovered that it isn't available online, but I found it in the American Fork Costco. I'm excited to be able to improve my soil and recycle kitchen scraps and grass clippings into something healthy for our garden!

The kids are very excited about something as well. We have joined the crowd and have purchased a Nintendo Wii. I am hoping to find a few more games where multiple players can have fun all at the same time, so please post your recommendations in the comments section! So far we have the two sports games that came with it, Mario Cart, and Wii Fit +. We bought 2 remotes for a total of 3 and a charging station for remotes. A friend was telling me that he likes to put his photos on the Wii and let the kids do puzzles with them. We're going to try out NetFlix on the Wii as well. What are the must have games? Are there any games that my 3 year old would enjoy?

I was brave and took the kids to the Utah State University Tooele Campus and Alumni annual pool party last night. Dave was at guard, so it was a big deal for me to venture to the pool with 5 kids all alone! It wouldn't be a big deal if they were all old enough to do their own thing, but water scares me! We ate and played and swam. Boston won a hoodie in the biggest splash contest and a set of rubber duckies in the see how far you can swim without taking a breath challenge. She's quite the swimmer, that girl! Paxton really wanted to roam and wiggled and squirmed the entire time we were in the pool trying to wriggle away from me! Kenzi and Holden were good to stay near me in the wading pool and played and played. Kamden was finally tall enough to venture out on his own and he went around and around the lazy river, over and over again in a float-ring. We had a good time and everyone wore themselves out enough to sleep REALLY good, including me!

I start school tomorrow. AAAGGH! I'm wondering what I have gotten myself into! I am taking Microcomputer Applications (a class that my husband is qualified to teach!), Civilization: Humanities, Civilization: Creative Arts, and Integrated Life Science. All of my classes except the first one are online.

I told you this was going to be random! Just one more random thing. There has been a herd of cows and their calves in the field behind us a piece. It's been so fun to watch them! The men come and put them there every spring and then move them elsewhere about a month later. Yesterday they moved them. I'M SO SAD TO SEE THEM GO! There's just something so magical about watching those calves run! The other day, a dog got out and was in the field with them. Wow, what an amazing thing to watch! The herd came running from all over the field to a central spot and the mommas circled the babies to protect them. You could hear them all communicating with each other and some of the mommas chased the dog or made efforts to distract him from the calves. I was glad I was outside or I might not have witnessed it. Nature can be really neat! We're really going to miss having them back there! They left them there about 3 times as long this year as last year, so I guess we should be glad we got to watch them for so long. Boston has it in her mind that we need chickens at our house. I think she just might be right. That will give us some good garden compost as well!

I haven't posted a kid quote of the day in a while. This one is hillarious. I guess it's more of a kid scenario of the day! Kenzington LOVES to watch Team Umizoomi. Well, this morning as I was combing her hair for church she acted out an entirely made up Umizoomi Scenario. It went a little like this:
Kenz- pretending to be the team: "What's the pLoblem, Kenzi?"
Kenz- being herself: "My mommy's baFroom doesn't have any toilet wiper!" (so funny, that's what she calls toiletpaper!) "Can you please help me to find some toilet-wiper for Mommy's potty," (We weren't even IN my bathroom, and my bathroom izzzzzzz, for the record, completely stocked with toilet paper! ) WAIT, but here's the kicker, then she added "so she can wipe her bum?" What a kiddo! She makes me laugh EVERY day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monkey On The Table!

I'm not sure how my baby boy managed to get big enough to do THIS!
Actually, I'm QUITE positive that he, in fact, is NOT big enough to do this. Yet he does anyway! What a little turkey! I can't count the number of times I have removed him from the table! If I scootch the benches in, he doesn't manage to get up there, but instead climbs on the bench attempting and bonks his poor little head over and over on the underside of the table. The only thing that has helped so far, today, is getting him busy with something that is MORE of an adventure for him. Like leaving the bathroom door open so he can paddle in the potty (thanks Kenzi!) or the laundry room door open so he can play in the dog water (thanks Kamden!) OH- I love this boy! And it's a darn good thing I do!

Dear Paxton-
I just want you to know that you are under-age for acting 2. Until you can show me proper id proving that you are, in fact, 2 years old, you are BANNED from acting 2. Consider this a warning!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

-Just Boston-

It seems like I say a lot here on this blog of mine, about my YOUNGEST children. Perhaps that is because I spend more time with them, since they are not in school. Maybe it's just because they are at such fun ages and stages and because it's so much fun seeing who they are becoming. Maybe cuz I worry about embarrassing my older kiddos. No matter what the reason, I really would like to write down for my own sake, more bits and pieces about my older children. Tonight I'm going to tell you about Boston.

Boston is eleven. She is one of my very very best friends. She's fun to hang out with for lots of reasons- she makes me LAUGH, she's kind, she's thoughtful and helpful. I just LOVE that girl! I am really enjoying seeing who SHE is becoming. I have no doubt in my mind that she and I will remain the very best of friends throughout our lives. We just seem to really "get" each other. There have been some recent moments when my girl has questioned whether I do, in fact, "get" her. Some time, some tears, some conversations and hugs have helped her realize that I do. By the way, just for the record, I am grateful not to be eleven anymore!

Bosty is a bit over committed these days. She joined the swim team at the beginning of the school year and it has been really good for her. The 2 day/week commitment evolved into a 5 day/week commitment as she improved and was asked to swim with the silver team. That would have been fine, perhaps, if it weren't for violin and piano and guitar and the school play etc. etc. etc. Each commitment has been HER choice and she has had full support of her parents WITH those choices. But SHE has been able to see that she is a happier girl when her plate is not too full, and I think she will be more careful with her commitments in the future. Luckily this has been a good year for her to learn those lessons as she hasn't had a ton of homework and she has a teacher that allows her students to work on things during independent reading time etc. I think as Boston heads into Jr. High in a year and a half she will have some life experience under her belt that will help her to make good choices about how to spend her time.

She was nominated to attend a World Leadership Forum in Washington DC next summer. The conference itself is going to cost her about $2000! WOW! We had lots of conversations about whether she should go or not and about how the whole family could go to DC or elsewhere for less money, or how that kind of money could do a lot of good in this world. Then we allowed her to choose! After lots of thought and PRAYER, Boston has decided to attend the conference. She's already putting forth a lot of effort to earn the money! She and her friend Kira have weeded vinyl for me and each earned about $50 in less than two hours! Boston also made some magnets
that she is selling at Ssweet Pea Boutique. It's obvious we are going to have to come up with some other ideas to earn the money, but she is off to a good start and I am confident that the experience of earning the money will be as useful and good for my girl as the conference itself!

Here's a few goofy Boston lines, none of which will likely make sense to anyone but me, but that's okay!

"Ziplock! Corner! Buddy! Easy!"
"Fricky-fricky-fricky-fresh! LONG division problem!"
"I like SPOONS!" (actually, that's more of a Hunter line, but that's okay!)
"Is this hot-chocolate good? Or sorta cheesy???"
Anyway- Boston is fabulously fun to shop with, giggle with, and joke with. She's a hard worker and a compassionate friend. She is kind to others, even when they are hard to be kind to. She is good to her siblings and obedient to her mom and dad. She's just a great kid and I love her!

Friday, April 30, 2010


I just found out I have Pell Grants! YAY! Between those and Dave's GI Bill, I won't have any out of pocket for school! Doing HNCs inside my brain!


So, perhaps you happened to read this post from mid-March when I was sharing my woes about Kenzington being back at square one with her thumb sucking. Well I have got to give a follow-up report, and thankfully it's a good one! My girl is back to ZERO thumb sucking! Can someone please notify the tabernacle choir that I would like a hallefreakinleujiah chorus, please?

What did the trick? Well, we all know that reward is stronger than punishment. I needed to find the right currency, and the currency needed to be more valuable to her than sucking her thumb was! A DORA BIKE was pulled out of the hat as a bribe to stop sucking her thumb. No luck. It was obvious that it was the something she wanted, but the habit was there. Something needed tweaking... Ooohh..... Perhaps..... Let's try it.... YES! SUCCESS! The bribe was changed to a new bike if she could keep vinyl on her thumbs. HOORAY! IT WORKED!

Not just any vinyl this time. *SpaRklY* vinyl. I have some opaque sparkly vinyl that was mis-cut during a past project. It's been sitting on the shelf, unusable, mostly so that I can show potential customers what it is like without having to carry inventory of it. The best part of this stuff is that it matches everything and is almost un-noticable. I have more than enough of it, even with the mis-cuts to keep us in business for at least 3 weeks, which is when we'll fade it out again and be done. I dare say I'll keep a back-up supply on hand though. KENZ just might be THE customer that makes it worth keeping inventory!

So- a bike was chosen (she didn't want Dora anymore after she saw this number with the baby seat!) and purchased and I don't know who is happier about this situation, me or Kenz! Or maybe it's baby Carla, who really got the best part of this deal because she didn't have to do anything to earn her ride!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Ready for School DAZE!

I'm scrounging to be ready to start back to school Summer Semester. Classes start in less than a month! I am still scrounging to get my financial aid and VA assistance figured out! I think I am going to be a rotten student if I don't decide to make this all a priority! I AM SO SCARED! As a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner, I have learned a lot about life and I know that I CAN do it. BUT, as a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner I have lots on my plate and I am worried about making room for more and doing everything WELL. Have you noticed that where much is given, much is required? The more blessings we are given, the harder we have to work in order to care for those blessings. Maybe I am pointing out the obvious here- but for instance, having a new baby- just at the moment when that tiny bundle arrives you need more sleep and hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before, yet you seem to get less sleep and less hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before. Much was given- but much was required. Guess what- yet again this is another moment when I wouldn't trade the blessings for what is required. While I am very nervous to go back to school and be able to manage it all, I am confident that my husband and children will do their best to be helpful and that Heavenly Father will, too

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kenzington's 3rd Birthday!

Oh! I am so happy that I have finally gotten around to this! My baby girl is 3. Here's her birthday video. Love you baby girl! I'm so lucky I get to be your momma!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wash, Weed, Tickle, Help, Hug, Hold, REPEAT!

Today has been a day of deadlines, deadlines, deadlines for me with my vinyl business. Seems like everyone wanted everything at the same time. I tend to be a girl that takes on too much and wants to be able to do everything! So, when it comes down to it, choices have to be made, not necessarily about what is most important because ALL of them are important, but about the TIMING of each task's importance.

So yesterday and today I have had to pick and choose and orchestrate when things needed to take place and multitask. For instance, I had some items that I knew would be picked up this morning, some items I had until 2 pm, some items that I was waiting on a fresh roll of media for, and items that would be picked up SOMETIME between 1and 4. Meanwhile, I STILL have to be a momma and a daycare provider for 437.5 random spare children. Okay... just 5 random spare children today, but it felt like 437.5! It's been a constant evaluation of what had to come next and what could be put off for a minute or 20. While weeding vinyl today, I kept thinking about how life in general is really made up of LOTS of considerations as to what is most important at what particular moment.

I was up until 2-ish trying to meet my deadlines. Luckily my Handsome Husband came to my aid and picked centers for me. He was nice company, and as we headed to bed, still unfinished with the task at hand, but very much realizing that SLEEP had become the most important thing at THAT particular moment, we had a conversation about "someday." I told him that SOMEDAY we would be able to go to bed at 8 o'clock every night and sleep as long as we wanted to. I added that I was sure that someday, we'd be done with late-night online-schooling, weeding or grades, and waking up to make bottles or take little ones to the potty. Then I added that when that someday occurs, our night's only interruption will likely include changing each other's depends, but that it would definitely include more sleep than right now!

So now, I have met all my deadlines and handed off 3 of the 5 spare kiddos. I have typed half of this with a grumpy Paxtonator on my lap and "Wonder Pets" mingled with kiddo conversation in the background. And now is the right time for me to get back to the next of the priorities on my list for this given moment. And I am grateful. Grateful for my role as a wife and mother and provider. Grateful for the opportunities my life affords me. Grateful for the Lord's help in all of the orchestrating and for a life that is full. Grateful for THIS time and season and all that comes with it, even the not-so-fun stuff. And I know that SOMEDAY there will be other things that have become the most important things for THOSE given moments. But for right this minute, I am so grateful for all the little things on my list today and for the ability to hug, weed, clean, love, kiss, change, format, type, rock, mask, weed, tickle, wash, help, care, smell, comfort, listen, call, send, answer, play with, empty, smile, hold, hug, repeat.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glitter Toez...

Last night, I left Dave with all the tinies while Boston and I ran to the grocery store. When I returned home, Holden (who is 6!) had painted Kenzington's (she just turned 3, I am having guilt over not blogging her birthday stuff yet) fingernails and toenails! He actually did a great job and made no mess (lucky for Dad, who was totally oblivious!) She was so proud of her mani and pedi! It has actually helped a little today with the thumb-sucking, too! Kenz rode with me to do the swimming take-home carpool and I told her if she could keep her thumb out of her mouth in the car (which is really hard for her) that we could pick some MORE sparkly nail-polish (or PAIL-Nolish, as AnnaLisa, a family friend called it when she was little!). This was verrrrry attractive to my little one! But I later discovered that she wanted to do the painting and not wanting the reward to become a fight, I told her she could paint my toes! Note the strategic color, which has flaws that are actually much more noticeable in this photo than in real life! HOLDEN, however, did not want to miss out on this, and actually became the glitter polish man that followed up the pink polish girl! It took well over 15 minutes for them to paint my toenails, but they enjoyed it and strangely enough I felt like a princess!
(Notice how uGly my feet are? Guess what- I just don't care! I'm a toe-nudist anyway, even in the winter time!!!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Shameless Plug!

As CEO of this ever demanding household, I've been TRYING to do some spring cleaning and getting my house a bit more in order. Much of what time I have spent recently on the computer has been spent trying to get things up and running a bit more smoothly at The Well Functioning Family. Now DON'T LAUGH OUT LOUD! I am NOT claiming that my own family functions well, by any means. But it is a goal for my family to function well, just, as I am sure, you would like YOUR family to function well! This blog was set up as a place for MANY AUTHORS to be able to share tips and advice for raising a family unto the Lord and anything from organization to recipes to parenting advice. If you are interested in authoring there, shoot me an email at

Kid Quotes Of the Day:
Dave was given 1/2 dozen donuts today at school. Holden, who goes to his school, had eaten one before they came home. Dave, holding the box that contained 3 glazed donuts and one donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, offered me one. I chose the chocolate one, of course. Holden, seeing me choose it, and with frosting still on his face said, "Oh! I had a copy of that donut before we came home!

Kenzington getting out of the tubby this morning noticed her nipples and pointed at one. "Look, Mommy!" She said. "What's that?" I asked. "It's a little mountain!" she said. Too funny.

I don't know if your kiddos watch Phineas and Ferb, but Kenz has been singing all day, "Come home Perry, I'm going to change my name to Larry, Come home Perry, come home!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cool Egss With Vinyl

My friend Michele asked for vinyl cut-outs to decorate eggs with. I can't believe I'd never thought to do this before! I mean I have owned a vinyl cutter for many years now! Look at how cool they turned out! My kiddos had lots of fun doing them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dave is HOME! Excited to listen to Conference!

Dave got home last night, about 5. It's SO NICE to have him back in our arms after a long 2 weeks. We enjoyed just hanging out together last night. Kenzington was all over her Daddy and little Paxton, while happy to see him, didn't want Daddy to hold him too much. Paxton hasn't been feeling fabulous. He's cutting a tooth and it seems he's been snotty and miserable for about a week. I want my happy little guy back! He had lots of smiles for Dave and let him hold him a little, just didn't feel fab. Boston, Kamden, and Holden were OF COURSE glad to see their Daddy and it seems every prayer on food or bedtime or whatever since they are remember to thank Heavenly Father that Daddy is home, safe and sound. So sweet!

I'm so excited to listen to Conference today and I am not really why I am more excited than normal. I just think it is amazing that we have a prophet on the earth TODAY. I have been able to feel the Spirit so strongly in our home recently and I guess maybe I am just anxious to be Spiritually fed. You can watch or listen, too!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Few More To Go!

It is Dave appreciation days at our house. Dave has been in Iowa for the last week and a half with National Guard. IOWA? WhAt on EaRtH do they have in Iowa that they don't have in Utah??? The only answer I can come up with is corn fields, yet Dave pointed out to me today that they are currently NAKED corn fields! And so it remains a mystery... Anyway... It is always good for me to be reminded of just how lucky I am to be married to my sweetheart. He's such a good husband and Daddy. 2 weeks every here and there are good for me. They remind me of how "no-fun" Iraq was. They remind me that I CAN do it alone, but I just don't want to. They remind me of what a good team we are and help me not take my hubby for granted.

A week ago when we talked on the phone Dave was super excited. General Tarbet who is Utah's TAG had come to visit them there in Iowa and had given Dave his coin! Such an honor! Dave gave a presentation last night on social networking in the military that seemed to impress many. He enjoys the company of those in his unit. I'm so proud of him and the leader he has become!

I usuallly start asking Dave about 2 days in if he can come home now. We all like things better when he's here! But I learned a very long time ago that I can do anything for 2 weeks. I can even do anything for 18 MONTHS, if I have to. But I just don't want to and hope I never have to again!

Kid Quotes Of The Day For 3-30-10:
Kenzington found a card of Boston's earings and was begging Boston and I to put them in her ears. We tried to explain to her that she didn't have any holes in her ears and that even if we wanted to, we couldn't put them in. I told her that when she get's bigger we can get her ears pierced so that she can wear them. She waved her hand in front of her body, sort of Vanna White style and said in sort of a "duh" kind of way, "Mom! I totally big already!" Oh that girl!

Holden, as I was getting ready to put dinner in the oven last night, "Mom, are we REALLY having Bazanya again???" (Funniest part is that I was putting in a pizza, OBVIOUSLY not Lasagna OR Bazanya!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Service Scavenger Hunt

Last night, for RS we had a service night. We assembled lunch kits for Tooele Relief Services and then we went on a service scavenger hunt. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We didn't have a huge turn-out, but a lot of that was because of other things going on. We did have 2 teams of 5 people for the scavenger hunt part and we grew by 3 people before the night was over. More importantly, we served AND we had fun! Here was the rules and jobs for the night:

Kid Quotes Of The Day for 3-25-09:
Emma- (little girl I watch, as reported by her momma) at the dentist- Dentist "Would you like laughing gas?" Emma- "Will it make me fart?"

Kenz, singing at the top of her lungs- "Tinker-Bells! Tinker-Bells! Tinker all the way!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Proud of Me! Thanks Kaye!

Today I did something I have needed to do for awhile, but didn't have the guts to do it. I deleted my facebook account!

I think facebook CAN be a good thing, and while many good things came from it for me, it became time consuming and keeping me from things I need to do. I have been thinking about deleting it for awhile, but haven't had the guts to do it.

My close friend Kaye and her husband both deleted their accounts recently. Upon hearing this, I said, "if you can do it, I can do it!"

I haven't done anything rotten on facebook. The real problem for me is that I am easily drawn into conversations. I am an extremely social person. I have found times when there are other things I need to be doing, yet I just gotta hurry and check facebook first.

So now it's done. And I gotta brag, just a little, cuz that was really hard for me to do! I feel SO EMPOWERED!

Now I gotta get off of here and get something done!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello? Can I talk to the garbage?

I just spent an HOUR looking for one of my cordless phones that was off the hook. Guess where I found it. In the garbage can! Oh, little Paxton, I love you! Funny part is- I spent the entire hour with a different phone to my ear, trying to locate the phone by what I could hear on the other end. Yet every noise in every room seemed distant and I felt like I was getting nowhere! The garbage lid was closed. When I finally clued into checking there, I could hear EVERY piece of garbage I moved!

Kid Quote of The Day: (actually this was said Friday): Sydnee, a little girl I tend, upon seeing Kenzington's little mushroom chair and Paxton's blanket next to each other, "Who wants a haircut?" Ethan (another child I watch), "Me!" Sydnee, while wrapping blanket around his shoulders, "Please keep your arms and legs inside the cape at all times!" Kids crack me up!