Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a crazy busy day this has been. Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest? This morning started our day in my favorite way: EVERYONE cuddling together in our bed! Although we had a bit of conversation about how a KING size bed might make 5 kids in bed with us a bit nicer (giggling)! We had the kids pile in with us this morning and had a quick song and a prayer. Then off and running! Boston and I had choir at 9, but we needed to leave by 9:50 to get Dave to the airport and make it back in time for church at 11. This meant that everyone needed to be ready for church and Dave ready for Arkansas by about 9. We didn't quite pull everything off, but we were only a few minutes late fore church and considering everything we did manage to pull off, I was pretty proud of us!

I have been asked to serve over all Relief Society activities and I am really excited about the new calling! But I am really nervous, too. I HAVE been serving as Kamden's primary teacher, and for the first time since we moved to our ward, Kamden is CONSISTENTLY being really really good at church. I am so worried that it is all going to unravel and we'll be back to square one, but I guess I need to trust my Heavenly Father more than that. They released me as his teacher today. I didn't realize that they were going to do that, and I hadn't prepared Kamden for that. I actually didn't know for sure until later if they sustained me or not because I was consoling a very upset Kamden. I reassured him that I would still be teaching his class for a little while, which I did today and will continue to do until things are just right with a new teacher. He's just come too far! HIS WHOLE CLASS has just come too far.

Anyway, I am excited for the new challenge and already have a few ideas. I'd also really like for others to share some ideas, so if you have any, post them here! Church was chaotic, a bit, between juggling a sleepy baby, teaching primary, doing sign-ups for a craft, and the usual keep kids quiet stuff, but it was good.

Dave made it to Arkansas safely. I'm not sure that I'm ready for 2 weeks of him being away, but it's a really good reminder for our family of how lucky we are to have him home most of the time and how it felt for us to have him in Iraq. We are so blessed by our past experiences with him in the military and very very blessed to have him all to our selves most of the time these days.

I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day. We have a very busy week ahead of us!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking Back

A friend phoned me recently to say that her brother-in-law would be heading to Afghanistan soon and to ask if Dave or I had any words of advice she could share with them as he headed off to war. This caught me a little off-guard and a flood of emotion and memories came back to me as I stumbled to share some words of encouragement and some thoughts that helped me through my husband's 18 month deployment. One of the things that helped me the most was blogging.
And so I have taken a little time to review some of my first blogs. They were written just as Dave was leaving the country. He'd been gone for about 6 months, preparing and training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Even MORE feelings flooded back to me as I looked through the photos and recalled those memories. And I was grateful for the inspiration that led me to keep a blog.
I have a renewed drive to write and publish photos in this blog. A new vision of why our histories are so important. I renewed desire to MAKE this a priority. And while this blog contains a very different chapter of our lives together, these chapters are just as important.
You can look over some of those first entries by going here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Standing in Holy Places

As I mentioned Sunday, Dave and I were able to go to the temple with Kaylie for her own endowment last Saturday. My goodness it was nice to be in the temple! This is the little gift I made for Kaylie. It includes a photo that my little brother, Brian took and antiqued for a project we were doing. You can see the other temple pics he prepared for the project by going to here. This is what the finished project looks like (this one is my friend Michele's, I stole it from her blog.) I'm so excited about these! They turned out sooooooo good and they were really easy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amazing Graces

My heart is full as I realize just how very blessed we are! Here's a FEW of the things I am really grateful for today:

1. Dave and I were able to go to the temple yesterday for the first time in a very very very long while. Paxton is finally taking a bottle and so we had Brian and LaShelle watch our kiddos while we attended the Mt. Timpanogas temple with Kaylie, a sweet gal I babysat when I was young, who was recieving her own endowment. It was wonderful to be in the temple and to feel the Spirit. Something I mentioned to Dave was that it was very nice not to have any specific or major worries while we were there. There is NOTHING in our lives right now that is a major weight on our minds and that was WONDERFUL to be in the temple and NOT be pouring out our hearts pleading over something. The kids were really well behaved for Brian and LaShelle.

2. Today was a GREAT day at church... not to say that each Sunday isn't great, but today I was really able to listen and feel the Spirit. Mostly because ALL of our kids were SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD at church today! Something that we tried that made a HUGE difference was that Dave, who usually sits on the end of our isle, sat with Kamden. I think he'll be doing that from now on! Also- I am LOVING 11 o'clock schedule! Dave had a meeting at 7, Boston and I choir at 9, Dave another meeting at 10, and ALL of us made it to our meetings etc. on time and were at church EARLY! A truly amazing grace of God!

3. Paxton is beginning to gain weight, and is so happy lately! We finally kicked that ear infection for good and I have my happy little camper back. He's not sleeping through the night or anything EXTRAORDINARY like that, but he is sooooooo much more fun to live with! I can tell that the iron therapy is making a difference and I am grateful that we caught that glitch and can correct it.

4. I have realized that it's time for me to go back to school! Funny how sometimes Heavenly Father not only tells you what he wants you to do, but begins to pave the way for it quickly! Apparently Dave's military $ for school is transferable to spouses and it would be really dumb of me NOT to go. I've applied to USU for Summer 2010! I am excited and scared to death all at the same time!

I'm soooooo grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves me enough to care about the little details as well as the big ones. I am grateful for the feeling of gratitude that is in our home this day and I hope I can have it here more often.

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's impossible to provide what you don't have

It seems that each of my babies, with the exception of Kamden, have gone through a time where they have become anemic. I have breastfed all of my babies, with the exception of Kamden, who is adopted, and my body must not be able to provide them with the iron that they need. All have ended up on some form of iron therapy. Paxton is no exception. Despite my best efforts to prevent it from happening, Paxton, too, at it seems an even younger age than his siblings, has extremely low iron and isn't gaining weight well. I have quadroupled my efforts to get him to eat iron rich foods and high fat foods in addition to putting him on iron therapy. It is CRITICAL for his little brain to have access to the iron that it needs.

So I have come the realization that my body must not be getting enough iron or enough fat. I have made efforts to increase my own iron and fat intake and also to take vitamins. It seems so obvious- if I don't have a supply of something, it is impossible for me to supply it to someone else.

This made me think of something even more obvious. During my busiest times as a wife and mother, I seem to not make or find time for scriptures, prayer, or other things that uplift my Spirit. Today it suddenly REALLY hit me that these are things my Spirit REALLY NEEDS and that I have been depriving it of these essential things. Not only is my own Spirit suffering when it doesn't have a supply of these things, but I am also unable to provide it for those around me.

I am going to quadrouple my efforts to supply my Spirit with those things that are most essential. I hope to be able to store enough of what my Spirit needs that I will be able to dip into stored supply and share with those around me in their times of need.

I'm grateful for ah-hah moments like these, and I know from whence they came.