Monday, January 4, 2010

It's impossible to provide what you don't have

It seems that each of my babies, with the exception of Kamden, have gone through a time where they have become anemic. I have breastfed all of my babies, with the exception of Kamden, who is adopted, and my body must not be able to provide them with the iron that they need. All have ended up on some form of iron therapy. Paxton is no exception. Despite my best efforts to prevent it from happening, Paxton, too, at it seems an even younger age than his siblings, has extremely low iron and isn't gaining weight well. I have quadroupled my efforts to get him to eat iron rich foods and high fat foods in addition to putting him on iron therapy. It is CRITICAL for his little brain to have access to the iron that it needs.

So I have come the realization that my body must not be getting enough iron or enough fat. I have made efforts to increase my own iron and fat intake and also to take vitamins. It seems so obvious- if I don't have a supply of something, it is impossible for me to supply it to someone else.

This made me think of something even more obvious. During my busiest times as a wife and mother, I seem to not make or find time for scriptures, prayer, or other things that uplift my Spirit. Today it suddenly REALLY hit me that these are things my Spirit REALLY NEEDS and that I have been depriving it of these essential things. Not only is my own Spirit suffering when it doesn't have a supply of these things, but I am also unable to provide it for those around me.

I am going to quadrouple my efforts to supply my Spirit with those things that are most essential. I hope to be able to store enough of what my Spirit needs that I will be able to dip into stored supply and share with those around me in their times of need.

I'm grateful for ah-hah moments like these, and I know from whence they came.


  1. Great Thought! Thanks for sharing. You are always so good about remembering to stay in tune!

  2. Is it psycho that I am commenting on my own blog? Today was a MUCHO better day because I made time for what is MOST important. Hoping to be able to say that tomorrow, too!