Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking Back

A friend phoned me recently to say that her brother-in-law would be heading to Afghanistan soon and to ask if Dave or I had any words of advice she could share with them as he headed off to war. This caught me a little off-guard and a flood of emotion and memories came back to me as I stumbled to share some words of encouragement and some thoughts that helped me through my husband's 18 month deployment. One of the things that helped me the most was blogging.
And so I have taken a little time to review some of my first blogs. They were written just as Dave was leaving the country. He'd been gone for about 6 months, preparing and training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Even MORE feelings flooded back to me as I looked through the photos and recalled those memories. And I was grateful for the inspiration that led me to keep a blog.
I have a renewed drive to write and publish photos in this blog. A new vision of why our histories are so important. I renewed desire to MAKE this a priority. And while this blog contains a very different chapter of our lives together, these chapters are just as important.
You can look over some of those first entries by going here.

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  1. Oh yah- be sure to check out the pics and also visit DAVE'S old blog,