Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Standing in Holy Places

As I mentioned Sunday, Dave and I were able to go to the temple with Kaylie for her own endowment last Saturday. My goodness it was nice to be in the temple! This is the little gift I made for Kaylie. It includes a photo that my little brother, Brian took and antiqued for a project we were doing. You can see the other temple pics he prepared for the project by going to here. This is what the finished project looks like (this one is my friend Michele's, I stole it from her blog.) I'm so excited about these! They turned out sooooooo good and they were really easy!


  1. and I have no idea what that little rectangle is, but when I try to get rid of it, the temple is gone too and it is STAYING! gIgGlInG!

  2. The standing in holy places block looks awesome! I loved making the frames too! I am excited to make more!