Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing My Man!

As I mentioned, Dave's been away with National Guard for about a week and a half now. A week and a half is NOTHING! But a week and a half is long enough for me to appreciate him more and wish he were home in my arms. Here's some of what I miss the most when he's away:

1. HELP! Sad, but true, when you are a parent to 5 young children, run a couple of businesses out of your home, and part time parent to 5 more, extra muscles, drivers, kisser-betterers and tuckers are a God-send. Dave's physical AND emotional support has been missed mucho this last week!

2. Just being by him. Talking to him on the phone is wonderful, but hanging out next to him, even just to watch tv or whatever is 10 times as nice!

3. That body in the bed beside me! Laying on his shoulder as I go to sleep each night. Feeling safe and secure in his arms.

Pathetic, aren't I? I mean it's only been a week! I am so grateful that there are only a matter of days left until he's in my arms again! We have survived many times away from each other including military schools, trainings, and deployments. And all of them have taught us something major. We're better together! Miss ya babe!

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