Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Singin' in the WHAT???

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a new church calling. I am in charge of Relief Society activities (used to be called Enrichment Leader). Tuesday was the first activity and I am so happy with how things went. Like everything I post here, I'm posting this mostly for me, so If you are reading, I hope you don't get bored!

I'm amazed at the very, very direct inspiration that came in planning and preparing the event. And a little shocked by what that inspiration led us to do! Our theme of the night was "Seeking Harmony In The Home"- basically ways to bring more peace and spirituality to any home. We had homemade Bajio Quesedillas for dinner, which were a huge hit, then divided into 3 little mini classes. The classes were all designed to help families have more harmony in their homes. I didn't get to attend the other classes,so I don't know as much about them, but...

The first class, taught by my friend Michelle, taught how to use validating phrases and validating questions with our loved ones. She taught the sisters to listen, listen, listen, and then to understand.

The second class, taught by my friend Stacey, used a rope in many different "tug-of-war" scenarios to teach how families are more likely to achieve a common goal when everyone is aware of what the goal is and when they work together.

The third class, taught by me, was where this blog's title came from. We sang together in the lady's room! We sang, Walk Tall You're A Daughter Of God, Come Follow Me, You Are My Sunshine, and a fun variation on Sweet Hour Of Prayer that I renamed "Sweetily Deetily Hour of Prayer." The sisters seemed to really enjoy the silly setting and singing together. Then I played Michael McLean's song, "Which Part is Mine." (lyrics posted below)

Things went so well with everything! I miss guessed how much time our singing would take and I VERY much overbought food. But overall, I think the most important parts of the evening were well received. The Spirit was there. I think that the sisters were able to take some ideas home and implement them. And they enjoyed each other's company and good food. THANK YOU LORD for helping everything to go so well!

Below are the Lyrics to Michael McLean - Which Part Is Mine and the recipes we used for our dinner. Enjoy!

She was only a Dairyman´s daughter
she was only a child of thirteen
but the stars on the radio brightened her nights with a dream
So she called up her best girl-friend Jenny
´cause she thought they would make quite a pair.
She said let's you and me try to sing harmony
at the ameteur night at the fair.
But she only had a range of an alto,
so the part she knew best went to her friend.
And when Jenny's soprano drowned out the piano
they had to start over again.
And then Dairyman´s daughter would then
say which part is mine, and Jen which part is yours?
Could you tell me one more time I´m never quite sure
and I won´t cross the line like I had before
so please help me learn which part is mine
and which part is yours.

She grew up and got married to Bobby.
Kept him working on his MBA.
They had two little red-head children
and one on the way.
Everybody said she could work wonders
and she wondered what everyone meant
She played so many roles
it was taking it's tole,
and she feared that her time was misspent
so she opened her heart to her husband,
they discussed everything on her list.
From the kids to the job
to her feelings for her Bob,
what it really boiled down to was this.
she said, which part is mine and Bob which part is yours?
let´s review it one more time I guess I´m not sure.
and I won´t cross the line like I had before,
if we just define which part is mine,
and which part is yours.

Every sleepless night knows many mothers
who are wondering if they done alright.
And the dairyman´s daughter knew more than a few of those nights.
Had she given her son too much freedom?
Had she smiled her two teenage girls?
Did she spoiled them too much or not trust them enough
to prepare them to life in this world?
So she opened her heart to heavens
and she spoke of her children by name.
And the prayer that she prayed that her kids would be saved
had a very familiar refrain, she said: Let´s review this again:
Which part is mine God which part is Yours?
could you tell me one more time,
I´m never quite sure and i won´t cross the line
like i had before.
But it gets so confusing sometimes.
Should i do more a trust on divine?
Please just help me define which part is mine
which part is Yours.


For the chicken-
Fill a large crockpot with boneless skinless chicken breasts (we used 6.5 lbs glazed frozen). Add 1 1/3 cups brown sugar, 1 TBSP cinnamon, 2 cans diced green chiles, 1 diced, medium onion, and 1/4 cup water. Let cook ALL DAY (at least 5 hours) on high. Use tongs to shread before serving.

K- so here's how I like it best:
Cook a tortilla on one side and turn. Add shredded cheese in a thin layer to the cooked side while the other side cooks. Put the warm, shredded chicken on 1/2 the tortilla and fold over, flattening a bit as you do. Score into bitesize pieces with a pizza cutter. 1/2 cup beans, 1/2 cup rice, a little lettuce, pico, and sour cream, perhaps a little guacamole.


The lemon water recipe is actually Tena Winterton's- I couldn't find mine, and hers was just about perfect, but it's a large recipe.
5 cups sugar
2 TBSP lemon extract
2 TBSP citric acid
2 bags ice
2-3 gallons water

Thanks to everyone who helped make the night turn out well!


  1. Just figured out the hard way. Never cut and paste lyrics as you find them online. I went back through and edited, but if any of you caught the first version, um... That was interesting for sure!

  2. Julie De Azevedo made a powerful song, and unfortunately, I don't even remember the title. But it talked about a woman struggling to get things done and find herself in life, and the chorus ends with something "Lord, you fed the thousands with some fishes and some bread. Make enough of me to go around..."

  3. Nice post -- enjoyed the song -- i love your blog look -- nicely done!