Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was Kamden's first day with his new Primary teachers at church. He did FABULOUS! Can I just say what a proud momma I am? That boy has come full circle in Primary! For those of you that don't know already, I'll tell you. Kamden has had a really really hard time behaving appropriately at church since we moved to our ward in January of 2007. He had never had a hard time with Primary before then, but for whatever reason, from the time we moved here until the middle of last year when Dave and I became his teachers. Dave became the Young Men's Secretary in October, so it's just been me since then.

Anyway, he had a small moment of melt-down between Sacrament Meeting and Primary as he realized that I wasn't coming with him, but THANKFULLY his friend Kolton had an empty seat next to him and in Kamden went. We peaked in here and there to see that things were going okay, and I have to say I did cartwheels in my head when he greeted me in the hall and his new teachers had great things to say! Off to a very good start! The prayers of THIS mother have been answered and I am ever, ever so grateful!

Tonight Kamden and Dave made cookies together as an extra treat for being so good at church. They spent some quality time together and the cookies taste amazing! I should also mention how nice it was to attend Sunday School and Relief Society, yet I will miss my little class! Luckily I get to help out in there a few times a month!


  1. From a mama who KNOWS...congratulations to you and Kamden :)

  2. Glad that Kam did great today in primary. Hope your day was awesome. Ours was a great day. Here is the link to my site and the picture that i wanted to see if you could make me a couple logos so i could put them on our cars. Let me know if that is possble. Thanks Love you forever.

  3. I am glad that things are going good for Kamden. Really! So glad.

    I am sorry that I didn't get to sing in the bathroom with you guys. I wish I would have gone to that one first instead of last. It sounds like it was a hit. The whole night was amazing! I came away feeling so good and ready to make my home more harmonious! I have been trying to be more patient with my kids, get down on their level and not get into "tug of war" with them. The dinner was delicious too! Thanks for sharing the recipes! I will definitely be making that chicken sometime soon.

  4. Thanks ladies! I just hope I didn't jinx next week by being so excited!