Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I truly cannot believe that my baby boy is a year old! Where has the time gone!??!? Paxton truly is my pride and joy and I am sure lucky to be his Momma! He has such a sweet, happy, fun personality and it has been so much fun getting to know him and watch him grow and discover life! There is so much more fun and discovering yet to be had! The collages above capture a glimpse of how he has changed over the last year, the first one up close and the second one the full frame of each photo to show you what he's been up to this last year. Oh he is so much fun!

I realized this morning, lying in bed, that I haven't ever really written down the story of his birth or delivery. While this is going to be very boring to everyone else, I'm going to write it down here for ME and for Paxton, because I have figured out another thing: I have Mommy-Mush-Brain! So here goes!

It was discovered via ultrasound while I was pregnant with Paxton that he had one kidney that was very dialated. I began being seen at Maternal Fetal Medicine at IMC to follow up with that and began seeing Dr. Natalie Leowen, also at IMC. I had an appointment on Friday, March 13th with both Dr. Leowen and then with Maternal Fetal Medicine. Things went great with the appointment. We talked about how I would be having a scheduled c-section on the 23rd (I HAVE to have c-sections because I have had hysteroplasty) after Dr. Leowen returned from her vacation. I remember telling her that I hoped very much that there would not be a tsunami that kept her from returning. I left the appointment a bit uneasy about her being away, but mostly calm. I went to the appointment down the hall at Maternal Fetal Medicine where it was discovered that Paxton's kidneys were doing fine, but that I had very very low amniotic fluid. I knew that meant my baby could be in trouble! I was sent home then, but told to drink TONS of water in an effort to increase the amniotic fluid and to return on Monday.

I spent all weekend guzzling water and worrying. I knew better than to google, but I was googling all weekend. I was soooooo worried that it was too early for Paxton to be born, (he was due April 11th, almost 4 weeks away!) but that it was worse for him to stay where he was. I was scared about his kidneys and scared about his lungs. My big worry was that I didn't know how long my fluid had been so low, and that lungs don't properly develop without enough amniotic fluid. Ultrasound determined that my fluid had further diminished to unmeasurable amounts and that I would be having a baby ASAP! I WOULD have been having a baby RIGHT THAT minute, except that I had eaten on my way in to the appointment because I hadn't felt Paxton move for awhile and I wanted to wake him up a bit. I went downstairs and registered and then headed home to get my husband, hospital bag, and to prepare my family just a little bit for the days that would follow. I don't even remember at what point I had a priesthood blessing, but I know that I had one and I know that it helped.

Dr. Loewen was enjoying her vacation immensely, I am sure, While her colleague Dr. Melissa Brown delivered Paxton Jerry Anderson at 10:48 pm. He was 5 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 inches long. Better yet, he was HEALTHY! Actually he did spend a bit of time being watched very closely. Dave held him right after birth and brought him over near me while they stitched me up etc. He cried a little and the sound of his cry scared me because it was a little junky. I guess Mommas become overly cautious once they've had one pulmonary baby! I loved and touched him for a minute and then I made Dave take him back to them to make sure he was okay. I didn't get to see him or hold him again until about 4 am because he had some wet lung issues, but that's okay because I was very busy puking my guts out over and over and over again! I get SOOOO sick from anesthesia! I was so relieved that my tiny little almost 4 week early baby was so healthy! I know that God was watching out for him.

Happy Birthday, Little Guy Paxton. We sure do love you!


  1. He's so cute Valerie! And with all that crazy stuff surrounding his birth I'm so glad you ended up with a healthy baby also. And what a small world it is: Dr Loewen delivered Grant! She moved to IMC a month or so after he was born.

  2. Thanks, Lori! It is a small world! I'm glad to be able to follow your blog now!