Monday, March 8, 2010

Harmony in Memories

I've been doing everything I can think of, recently, to have more harmony in our home. Whatever I can to invite the Spirit and to remove contention, I've been doing it. It isn't EASY to have peace and harmony in THIS house. I have one child in particular that seems to thrive on chaos! We all seem to have some habits that need to change, and change is never easy.

Some things that I am doing (or not doing!) that have helped:
1. Refuse to criticize. Critisism doesn't bring change, it only brings contention.
2. Pray with each child, seperately, morning and night. (This is where I say a prayer FOR that child, then listen while that child prays.)
3. Look for ways to spend time together, inviting the Spirit.

Last night between scriptures and prayer we spent time talking about some of our memories together. Boston shared her memories of picking up Kamden (he's adopted) and of the days that followed. Kamden talked fondly of a dog that we had at our last house. We talked about our first night in this home, all sleeping in the living room on one mattress because we were gutting the rest of the house. We talked about when Holden finally came home from NICU and about when we got our puppy, Saydee for Christmas.

(I have some work to do. I need to figure out where all our digital photos are and get them organized and accessible, possibly in a slideshow dvd format. It seems like we've backed them up, but not necessarily kept the back-ups together. My children all love watching old videos of themselves and seeing old pics. I'm overwhelmed at the task ahead of me, but I'm going to do it anyway!)

Anyway, our children all really enjoyed last night. And it did invite the Spirit to our home. I know we'll do it again sometime soon.


  1. My boys love watching home video's too. We have one from when C was a baby that they watch over and over and over.

  2. You know, some times it is just those little things we do that help bring the spirit into our homes. My kids love to have "family time." They don't care what we do, but they LOVE being together, as a family. I have to remind myself some times to live that up because I am sure it won't last forever :)Thanks for sharing what helps/works in your house!

  3. I should follow this up with a big BOO for us tonight! Gotta do better tomorrow!