Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello? Can I talk to the garbage?

I just spent an HOUR looking for one of my cordless phones that was off the hook. Guess where I found it. In the garbage can! Oh, little Paxton, I love you! Funny part is- I spent the entire hour with a different phone to my ear, trying to locate the phone by what I could hear on the other end. Yet every noise in every room seemed distant and I felt like I was getting nowhere! The garbage lid was closed. When I finally clued into checking there, I could hear EVERY piece of garbage I moved!

Kid Quote of The Day: (actually this was said Friday): Sydnee, a little girl I tend, upon seeing Kenzington's little mushroom chair and Paxton's blanket next to each other, "Who wants a haircut?" Ethan (another child I watch), "Me!" Sydnee, while wrapping blanket around his shoulders, "Please keep your arms and legs inside the cape at all times!" Kids crack me up!

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  1. Update- caught him in the act of doing it AGAIN today! What a little turkey.