Monday, March 15, 2010

I was able to go to the temple with Mom Saturday morning. I haven't been able to go to the temple much, recently,with Paxton so young. He's taking a bottle well now and is a bit easier for whoever is watching him. Anyway, Saturday marked 5 years since my Daddy passed away and that was a good way to honor him. I also looked back on my old blog to read whatever I'd written about my Daddy's death in the past. Here's what I wrote: Four Years Ago (I wasn't blogging before that) It was sort of therapeutic to read. I can't bring myself to listen to the recording of his funeral. I just don't have time to bawl!

I am STILL convinced that he can read my blog. I don't think he has facebook though... too big of a time waster and I think he's busy. But I DO think that facebook has a few similarities to how it is in the afterlife. What I mean by that, is I think that we will communicate our thoughts and feelings in an entirely different way than we do now. You know how if you read facebook status updates, you have a little glimpse into other people's lives and know a bit more about what is going on with them? I think in the afterlife we will just know things about each other without REALLY talking. I guess I am having a hard time sharing the correlation, and that they really aren't all THAT similar. I think in our lives after death we will communicate Spirit to Spirit. Sorry, I'm a dork! ☺!

Anyway, Brian and LaShelle came to visit last night and it was really fun to have them here. My kids adore them and it's so fun to catch up on what's going on in their lives.

Kid Quotes from the weekend! (Thanks for the idea, Erin!)

Holden: "Mom, when Daddy gets too old to be married anymore I'm going to marry you!"

Kenzington, greeting my mom as she came in the door, "Grandma! Look at your eyes!" (followed by a long pause from my mom, wondering how to tell Kenz that she couldn't look at her own eyes!)

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