Friday, April 30, 2010


I just found out I have Pell Grants! YAY! Between those and Dave's GI Bill, I won't have any out of pocket for school! Doing HNCs inside my brain!


So, perhaps you happened to read this post from mid-March when I was sharing my woes about Kenzington being back at square one with her thumb sucking. Well I have got to give a follow-up report, and thankfully it's a good one! My girl is back to ZERO thumb sucking! Can someone please notify the tabernacle choir that I would like a hallefreakinleujiah chorus, please?

What did the trick? Well, we all know that reward is stronger than punishment. I needed to find the right currency, and the currency needed to be more valuable to her than sucking her thumb was! A DORA BIKE was pulled out of the hat as a bribe to stop sucking her thumb. No luck. It was obvious that it was the something she wanted, but the habit was there. Something needed tweaking... Ooohh..... Perhaps..... Let's try it.... YES! SUCCESS! The bribe was changed to a new bike if she could keep vinyl on her thumbs. HOORAY! IT WORKED!

Not just any vinyl this time. *SpaRklY* vinyl. I have some opaque sparkly vinyl that was mis-cut during a past project. It's been sitting on the shelf, unusable, mostly so that I can show potential customers what it is like without having to carry inventory of it. The best part of this stuff is that it matches everything and is almost un-noticable. I have more than enough of it, even with the mis-cuts to keep us in business for at least 3 weeks, which is when we'll fade it out again and be done. I dare say I'll keep a back-up supply on hand though. KENZ just might be THE customer that makes it worth keeping inventory!

So- a bike was chosen (she didn't want Dora anymore after she saw this number with the baby seat!) and purchased and I don't know who is happier about this situation, me or Kenz! Or maybe it's baby Carla, who really got the best part of this deal because she didn't have to do anything to earn her ride!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Ready for School DAZE!

I'm scrounging to be ready to start back to school Summer Semester. Classes start in less than a month! I am still scrounging to get my financial aid and VA assistance figured out! I think I am going to be a rotten student if I don't decide to make this all a priority! I AM SO SCARED! As a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner, I have learned a lot about life and I know that I CAN do it. BUT, as a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner I have lots on my plate and I am worried about making room for more and doing everything WELL. Have you noticed that where much is given, much is required? The more blessings we are given, the harder we have to work in order to care for those blessings. Maybe I am pointing out the obvious here- but for instance, having a new baby- just at the moment when that tiny bundle arrives you need more sleep and hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before, yet you seem to get less sleep and less hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before. Much was given- but much was required. Guess what- yet again this is another moment when I wouldn't trade the blessings for what is required. While I am very nervous to go back to school and be able to manage it all, I am confident that my husband and children will do their best to be helpful and that Heavenly Father will, too

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kenzington's 3rd Birthday!

Oh! I am so happy that I have finally gotten around to this! My baby girl is 3. Here's her birthday video. Love you baby girl! I'm so lucky I get to be your momma!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wash, Weed, Tickle, Help, Hug, Hold, REPEAT!

Today has been a day of deadlines, deadlines, deadlines for me with my vinyl business. Seems like everyone wanted everything at the same time. I tend to be a girl that takes on too much and wants to be able to do everything! So, when it comes down to it, choices have to be made, not necessarily about what is most important because ALL of them are important, but about the TIMING of each task's importance.

So yesterday and today I have had to pick and choose and orchestrate when things needed to take place and multitask. For instance, I had some items that I knew would be picked up this morning, some items I had until 2 pm, some items that I was waiting on a fresh roll of media for, and items that would be picked up SOMETIME between 1and 4. Meanwhile, I STILL have to be a momma and a daycare provider for 437.5 random spare children. Okay... just 5 random spare children today, but it felt like 437.5! It's been a constant evaluation of what had to come next and what could be put off for a minute or 20. While weeding vinyl today, I kept thinking about how life in general is really made up of LOTS of considerations as to what is most important at what particular moment.

I was up until 2-ish trying to meet my deadlines. Luckily my Handsome Husband came to my aid and picked centers for me. He was nice company, and as we headed to bed, still unfinished with the task at hand, but very much realizing that SLEEP had become the most important thing at THAT particular moment, we had a conversation about "someday." I told him that SOMEDAY we would be able to go to bed at 8 o'clock every night and sleep as long as we wanted to. I added that I was sure that someday, we'd be done with late-night online-schooling, weeding or grades, and waking up to make bottles or take little ones to the potty. Then I added that when that someday occurs, our night's only interruption will likely include changing each other's depends, but that it would definitely include more sleep than right now!

So now, I have met all my deadlines and handed off 3 of the 5 spare kiddos. I have typed half of this with a grumpy Paxtonator on my lap and "Wonder Pets" mingled with kiddo conversation in the background. And now is the right time for me to get back to the next of the priorities on my list for this given moment. And I am grateful. Grateful for my role as a wife and mother and provider. Grateful for the opportunities my life affords me. Grateful for the Lord's help in all of the orchestrating and for a life that is full. Grateful for THIS time and season and all that comes with it, even the not-so-fun stuff. And I know that SOMEDAY there will be other things that have become the most important things for THOSE given moments. But for right this minute, I am so grateful for all the little things on my list today and for the ability to hug, weed, clean, love, kiss, change, format, type, rock, mask, weed, tickle, wash, help, care, smell, comfort, listen, call, send, answer, play with, empty, smile, hold, hug, repeat.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glitter Toez...

Last night, I left Dave with all the tinies while Boston and I ran to the grocery store. When I returned home, Holden (who is 6!) had painted Kenzington's (she just turned 3, I am having guilt over not blogging her birthday stuff yet) fingernails and toenails! He actually did a great job and made no mess (lucky for Dad, who was totally oblivious!) She was so proud of her mani and pedi! It has actually helped a little today with the thumb-sucking, too! Kenz rode with me to do the swimming take-home carpool and I told her if she could keep her thumb out of her mouth in the car (which is really hard for her) that we could pick some MORE sparkly nail-polish (or PAIL-Nolish, as AnnaLisa, a family friend called it when she was little!). This was verrrrry attractive to my little one! But I later discovered that she wanted to do the painting and not wanting the reward to become a fight, I told her she could paint my toes! Note the strategic color, which has flaws that are actually much more noticeable in this photo than in real life! HOLDEN, however, did not want to miss out on this, and actually became the glitter polish man that followed up the pink polish girl! It took well over 15 minutes for them to paint my toenails, but they enjoyed it and strangely enough I felt like a princess!
(Notice how uGly my feet are? Guess what- I just don't care! I'm a toe-nudist anyway, even in the winter time!!!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Shameless Plug!

As CEO of this ever demanding household, I've been TRYING to do some spring cleaning and getting my house a bit more in order. Much of what time I have spent recently on the computer has been spent trying to get things up and running a bit more smoothly at The Well Functioning Family. Now DON'T LAUGH OUT LOUD! I am NOT claiming that my own family functions well, by any means. But it is a goal for my family to function well, just, as I am sure, you would like YOUR family to function well! This blog was set up as a place for MANY AUTHORS to be able to share tips and advice for raising a family unto the Lord and anything from organization to recipes to parenting advice. If you are interested in authoring there, shoot me an email at

Kid Quotes Of the Day:
Dave was given 1/2 dozen donuts today at school. Holden, who goes to his school, had eaten one before they came home. Dave, holding the box that contained 3 glazed donuts and one donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, offered me one. I chose the chocolate one, of course. Holden, seeing me choose it, and with frosting still on his face said, "Oh! I had a copy of that donut before we came home!

Kenzington getting out of the tubby this morning noticed her nipples and pointed at one. "Look, Mommy!" She said. "What's that?" I asked. "It's a little mountain!" she said. Too funny.

I don't know if your kiddos watch Phineas and Ferb, but Kenz has been singing all day, "Come home Perry, I'm going to change my name to Larry, Come home Perry, come home!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cool Egss With Vinyl

My friend Michele asked for vinyl cut-outs to decorate eggs with. I can't believe I'd never thought to do this before! I mean I have owned a vinyl cutter for many years now! Look at how cool they turned out! My kiddos had lots of fun doing them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dave is HOME! Excited to listen to Conference!

Dave got home last night, about 5. It's SO NICE to have him back in our arms after a long 2 weeks. We enjoyed just hanging out together last night. Kenzington was all over her Daddy and little Paxton, while happy to see him, didn't want Daddy to hold him too much. Paxton hasn't been feeling fabulous. He's cutting a tooth and it seems he's been snotty and miserable for about a week. I want my happy little guy back! He had lots of smiles for Dave and let him hold him a little, just didn't feel fab. Boston, Kamden, and Holden were OF COURSE glad to see their Daddy and it seems every prayer on food or bedtime or whatever since they are remember to thank Heavenly Father that Daddy is home, safe and sound. So sweet!

I'm so excited to listen to Conference today and I am not really why I am more excited than normal. I just think it is amazing that we have a prophet on the earth TODAY. I have been able to feel the Spirit so strongly in our home recently and I guess maybe I am just anxious to be Spiritually fed. You can watch or listen, too!