Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dave is HOME! Excited to listen to Conference!

Dave got home last night, about 5. It's SO NICE to have him back in our arms after a long 2 weeks. We enjoyed just hanging out together last night. Kenzington was all over her Daddy and little Paxton, while happy to see him, didn't want Daddy to hold him too much. Paxton hasn't been feeling fabulous. He's cutting a tooth and it seems he's been snotty and miserable for about a week. I want my happy little guy back! He had lots of smiles for Dave and let him hold him a little, just didn't feel fab. Boston, Kamden, and Holden were OF COURSE glad to see their Daddy and it seems every prayer on food or bedtime or whatever since they are remember to thank Heavenly Father that Daddy is home, safe and sound. So sweet!

I'm so excited to listen to Conference today and I am not really why I am more excited than normal. I just think it is amazing that we have a prophet on the earth TODAY. I have been able to feel the Spirit so strongly in our home recently and I guess maybe I am just anxious to be Spiritually fed. You can watch or listen, too!

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