Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Ready for School DAZE!

I'm scrounging to be ready to start back to school Summer Semester. Classes start in less than a month! I am still scrounging to get my financial aid and VA assistance figured out! I think I am going to be a rotten student if I don't decide to make this all a priority! I AM SO SCARED! As a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner, I have learned a lot about life and I know that I CAN do it. BUT, as a wife and a mother of 5 and a daycare provider and a business owner I have lots on my plate and I am worried about making room for more and doing everything WELL. Have you noticed that where much is given, much is required? The more blessings we are given, the harder we have to work in order to care for those blessings. Maybe I am pointing out the obvious here- but for instance, having a new baby- just at the moment when that tiny bundle arrives you need more sleep and hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before, yet you seem to get less sleep and less hours in the day to get stuff done than ever before. Much was given- but much was required. Guess what- yet again this is another moment when I wouldn't trade the blessings for what is required. While I am very nervous to go back to school and be able to manage it all, I am confident that my husband and children will do their best to be helpful and that Heavenly Father will, too


  1. You are amazing val! You will do great and probably get strait A's and make the rest of your classmates mad!

  2. You are Superwoman! You can absolutely do everything and anything that you want. You're so blessed to have Dave to support you and help you with things that need to be done. I'm excited that you get to go back to school. Let's get together sometime soon.

  3. Oh, ladies, you have a heck of a lot more faith in me than I do in myself! Superwoman??? Not so much. I AM very blessed though, and I'll continue to rely on every one of those blessings to be helpful, at least as much as they are hinderful! Giggling. Charloe, I am dying to talk to you... I need you to psychoanalize my dream from last night! Let's just say Corban was sleeping in my bathtub! What do you suppose that means?