Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glitter Toez...

Last night, I left Dave with all the tinies while Boston and I ran to the grocery store. When I returned home, Holden (who is 6!) had painted Kenzington's (she just turned 3, I am having guilt over not blogging her birthday stuff yet) fingernails and toenails! He actually did a great job and made no mess (lucky for Dad, who was totally oblivious!) She was so proud of her mani and pedi! It has actually helped a little today with the thumb-sucking, too! Kenz rode with me to do the swimming take-home carpool and I told her if she could keep her thumb out of her mouth in the car (which is really hard for her) that we could pick some MORE sparkly nail-polish (or PAIL-Nolish, as AnnaLisa, a family friend called it when she was little!). This was verrrrry attractive to my little one! But I later discovered that she wanted to do the painting and not wanting the reward to become a fight, I told her she could paint my toes! Note the strategic color, which has flaws that are actually much more noticeable in this photo than in real life! HOLDEN, however, did not want to miss out on this, and actually became the glitter polish man that followed up the pink polish girl! It took well over 15 minutes for them to paint my toenails, but they enjoyed it and strangely enough I felt like a princess!
(Notice how uGly my feet are? Guess what- I just don't care! I'm a toe-nudist anyway, even in the winter time!!!)

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