Friday, April 30, 2010


So, perhaps you happened to read this post from mid-March when I was sharing my woes about Kenzington being back at square one with her thumb sucking. Well I have got to give a follow-up report, and thankfully it's a good one! My girl is back to ZERO thumb sucking! Can someone please notify the tabernacle choir that I would like a hallefreakinleujiah chorus, please?

What did the trick? Well, we all know that reward is stronger than punishment. I needed to find the right currency, and the currency needed to be more valuable to her than sucking her thumb was! A DORA BIKE was pulled out of the hat as a bribe to stop sucking her thumb. No luck. It was obvious that it was the something she wanted, but the habit was there. Something needed tweaking... Ooohh..... Perhaps..... Let's try it.... YES! SUCCESS! The bribe was changed to a new bike if she could keep vinyl on her thumbs. HOORAY! IT WORKED!

Not just any vinyl this time. *SpaRklY* vinyl. I have some opaque sparkly vinyl that was mis-cut during a past project. It's been sitting on the shelf, unusable, mostly so that I can show potential customers what it is like without having to carry inventory of it. The best part of this stuff is that it matches everything and is almost un-noticable. I have more than enough of it, even with the mis-cuts to keep us in business for at least 3 weeks, which is when we'll fade it out again and be done. I dare say I'll keep a back-up supply on hand though. KENZ just might be THE customer that makes it worth keeping inventory!

So- a bike was chosen (she didn't want Dora anymore after she saw this number with the baby seat!) and purchased and I don't know who is happier about this situation, me or Kenz! Or maybe it's baby Carla, who really got the best part of this deal because she didn't have to do anything to earn her ride!


  1. Way to do some serious detective work to find out the "currency" that Kenzi was currently taking. Miles' currency changes way too often for me to even keep up. Too CUTE!!! Miss you.

  2. That is so awesome! And she sure has gotten cute!