Friday, April 23, 2010

Wash, Weed, Tickle, Help, Hug, Hold, REPEAT!

Today has been a day of deadlines, deadlines, deadlines for me with my vinyl business. Seems like everyone wanted everything at the same time. I tend to be a girl that takes on too much and wants to be able to do everything! So, when it comes down to it, choices have to be made, not necessarily about what is most important because ALL of them are important, but about the TIMING of each task's importance.

So yesterday and today I have had to pick and choose and orchestrate when things needed to take place and multitask. For instance, I had some items that I knew would be picked up this morning, some items I had until 2 pm, some items that I was waiting on a fresh roll of media for, and items that would be picked up SOMETIME between 1and 4. Meanwhile, I STILL have to be a momma and a daycare provider for 437.5 random spare children. Okay... just 5 random spare children today, but it felt like 437.5! It's been a constant evaluation of what had to come next and what could be put off for a minute or 20. While weeding vinyl today, I kept thinking about how life in general is really made up of LOTS of considerations as to what is most important at what particular moment.

I was up until 2-ish trying to meet my deadlines. Luckily my Handsome Husband came to my aid and picked centers for me. He was nice company, and as we headed to bed, still unfinished with the task at hand, but very much realizing that SLEEP had become the most important thing at THAT particular moment, we had a conversation about "someday." I told him that SOMEDAY we would be able to go to bed at 8 o'clock every night and sleep as long as we wanted to. I added that I was sure that someday, we'd be done with late-night online-schooling, weeding or grades, and waking up to make bottles or take little ones to the potty. Then I added that when that someday occurs, our night's only interruption will likely include changing each other's depends, but that it would definitely include more sleep than right now!

So now, I have met all my deadlines and handed off 3 of the 5 spare kiddos. I have typed half of this with a grumpy Paxtonator on my lap and "Wonder Pets" mingled with kiddo conversation in the background. And now is the right time for me to get back to the next of the priorities on my list for this given moment. And I am grateful. Grateful for my role as a wife and mother and provider. Grateful for the opportunities my life affords me. Grateful for the Lord's help in all of the orchestrating and for a life that is full. Grateful for THIS time and season and all that comes with it, even the not-so-fun stuff. And I know that SOMEDAY there will be other things that have become the most important things for THOSE given moments. But for right this minute, I am so grateful for all the little things on my list today and for the ability to hug, weed, clean, love, kiss, change, format, type, rock, mask, weed, tickle, wash, help, care, smell, comfort, listen, call, send, answer, play with, empty, smile, hold, hug, repeat.

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