Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding A Minute! Total Random Thoughts.

It seems things have been even crazier than normal around here lately, and I dare say it isn't going to get any better. I decided to MAKE time to TAKE time to put myself on the list today and blog here. It might end up to be a bunch of random thoughts sort of spewed on "paper," so to speak, but I'm just going to remind you that this silly blog is for me and not for you, so I'm going to spew away! Giggling.

Yesterday I had the HONOR and the privilege to "pin" my sweet husband. That's right, I am OFFICIALLY married to Captain Lewis David Anderson of the Utah National Guard! This promotion has been a long time coming and was definitely earned! Dave has been doing the job of a Captain for a few years now. It's nice that now he will have the pay and title that go with it! The ceremony was slated for 7 am yesterday, and much to my embarrassment, they had to wait around for us for about 10 minutes. Children and 5:30 am without husbandly help don't always go hand in hand. Good thing the military has practiced up a great deal on hurrying up and waiting. Dave's parents came to Lehi for the event as well and afterward we all went to breakfast.

In other news, I finally have SOME of my garden planted. Between rainy weather and waiting to borrow a neighbor's rototiller, I was worried that the planting might not even take place this year! I learned about a 2-bucket, self watering container garden from a friend and had ALMOST decided not to plant in my actual garden spot this year. After all, last year the grasshoppers made walking outside almost completely impossible! But I have decided that I need to have more faith. I planted my tomatoes yesterday and I intend to finish up my planting tomorrow. With some help from my friend Esther, I finally made some decisions about planting some fruit trees and grapes in our yard and I can hardly wait for them to arrive and get them planted. I am just wishing I could wave my magic wand and have all the work involved done! I guess, while we are at it, how about having it all be mature and producing as well!

Here's some silly side-notes. I am in charge of Relief Society Activities in my ward. We did a gardening night last week that turned out so great (mostly because we had GREAT gardeners share their knowlede! Thanks Shauna, Michelle, Heidi, and Vicki!) I did a little quick blurb on the self watering bucket thing. In preparation for it, I went and got 143 buckets from a lady in Centerville that had posted them on KSL for FREE! Our family went to the Salt Lake City Library to see the Diaries of Ann Frank exhibit on the way to get them. When we came out of the exhibit, I realized that I had a DI bag in the back of my Suburban. I needed EVERY bit of room for the buckets! Well... there was this pick-up truck parked next to me... and... well. I hope the owner of it could use the size 3t girls clothes that I left there! Can you imagine what the reaction would be to finding that? "What the.... ???" Giggling. I swear I have got some repenting to do!

I also purchased a composter yesterday and I am really excited about it. Costco has a 10+ cubic foot compost turner for only $99. MUCH better priced than I could find one anywhere else! I liked the overall design of this particular model, easy to load, easy to empty! It is made by Lifetime. I discovered that it isn't available online, but I found it in the American Fork Costco. I'm excited to be able to improve my soil and recycle kitchen scraps and grass clippings into something healthy for our garden!

The kids are very excited about something as well. We have joined the crowd and have purchased a Nintendo Wii. I am hoping to find a few more games where multiple players can have fun all at the same time, so please post your recommendations in the comments section! So far we have the two sports games that came with it, Mario Cart, and Wii Fit +. We bought 2 remotes for a total of 3 and a charging station for remotes. A friend was telling me that he likes to put his photos on the Wii and let the kids do puzzles with them. We're going to try out NetFlix on the Wii as well. What are the must have games? Are there any games that my 3 year old would enjoy?

I was brave and took the kids to the Utah State University Tooele Campus and Alumni annual pool party last night. Dave was at guard, so it was a big deal for me to venture to the pool with 5 kids all alone! It wouldn't be a big deal if they were all old enough to do their own thing, but water scares me! We ate and played and swam. Boston won a hoodie in the biggest splash contest and a set of rubber duckies in the see how far you can swim without taking a breath challenge. She's quite the swimmer, that girl! Paxton really wanted to roam and wiggled and squirmed the entire time we were in the pool trying to wriggle away from me! Kenzi and Holden were good to stay near me in the wading pool and played and played. Kamden was finally tall enough to venture out on his own and he went around and around the lazy river, over and over again in a float-ring. We had a good time and everyone wore themselves out enough to sleep REALLY good, including me!

I start school tomorrow. AAAGGH! I'm wondering what I have gotten myself into! I am taking Microcomputer Applications (a class that my husband is qualified to teach!), Civilization: Humanities, Civilization: Creative Arts, and Integrated Life Science. All of my classes except the first one are online.

I told you this was going to be random! Just one more random thing. There has been a herd of cows and their calves in the field behind us a piece. It's been so fun to watch them! The men come and put them there every spring and then move them elsewhere about a month later. Yesterday they moved them. I'M SO SAD TO SEE THEM GO! There's just something so magical about watching those calves run! The other day, a dog got out and was in the field with them. Wow, what an amazing thing to watch! The herd came running from all over the field to a central spot and the mommas circled the babies to protect them. You could hear them all communicating with each other and some of the mommas chased the dog or made efforts to distract him from the calves. I was glad I was outside or I might not have witnessed it. Nature can be really neat! We're really going to miss having them back there! They left them there about 3 times as long this year as last year, so I guess we should be glad we got to watch them for so long. Boston has it in her mind that we need chickens at our house. I think she just might be right. That will give us some good garden compost as well!

I haven't posted a kid quote of the day in a while. This one is hillarious. I guess it's more of a kid scenario of the day! Kenzington LOVES to watch Team Umizoomi. Well, this morning as I was combing her hair for church she acted out an entirely made up Umizoomi Scenario. It went a little like this:
Kenz- pretending to be the team: "What's the pLoblem, Kenzi?"
Kenz- being herself: "My mommy's baFroom doesn't have any toilet wiper!" (so funny, that's what she calls toiletpaper!) "Can you please help me to find some toilet-wiper for Mommy's potty," (We weren't even IN my bathroom, and my bathroom izzzzzzz, for the record, completely stocked with toilet paper! ) WAIT, but here's the kicker, then she added "so she can wipe her bum?" What a kiddo! She makes me laugh EVERY day!


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on pinning! Who has ceremonies at 7:00 AM?! I am glad he finally got what he deserves!

  2. Congrats to Dave! I know that's a huge accomplishment.

    Good luck with school! You are an ambitious lady!

    Can't wait to see you in June. Are we still on for the 5th? I'll call you in a week or so to iron out the details. Love you.