Sunday, May 2, 2010

-Just Boston-

It seems like I say a lot here on this blog of mine, about my YOUNGEST children. Perhaps that is because I spend more time with them, since they are not in school. Maybe it's just because they are at such fun ages and stages and because it's so much fun seeing who they are becoming. Maybe cuz I worry about embarrassing my older kiddos. No matter what the reason, I really would like to write down for my own sake, more bits and pieces about my older children. Tonight I'm going to tell you about Boston.

Boston is eleven. She is one of my very very best friends. She's fun to hang out with for lots of reasons- she makes me LAUGH, she's kind, she's thoughtful and helpful. I just LOVE that girl! I am really enjoying seeing who SHE is becoming. I have no doubt in my mind that she and I will remain the very best of friends throughout our lives. We just seem to really "get" each other. There have been some recent moments when my girl has questioned whether I do, in fact, "get" her. Some time, some tears, some conversations and hugs have helped her realize that I do. By the way, just for the record, I am grateful not to be eleven anymore!

Bosty is a bit over committed these days. She joined the swim team at the beginning of the school year and it has been really good for her. The 2 day/week commitment evolved into a 5 day/week commitment as she improved and was asked to swim with the silver team. That would have been fine, perhaps, if it weren't for violin and piano and guitar and the school play etc. etc. etc. Each commitment has been HER choice and she has had full support of her parents WITH those choices. But SHE has been able to see that she is a happier girl when her plate is not too full, and I think she will be more careful with her commitments in the future. Luckily this has been a good year for her to learn those lessons as she hasn't had a ton of homework and she has a teacher that allows her students to work on things during independent reading time etc. I think as Boston heads into Jr. High in a year and a half she will have some life experience under her belt that will help her to make good choices about how to spend her time.

She was nominated to attend a World Leadership Forum in Washington DC next summer. The conference itself is going to cost her about $2000! WOW! We had lots of conversations about whether she should go or not and about how the whole family could go to DC or elsewhere for less money, or how that kind of money could do a lot of good in this world. Then we allowed her to choose! After lots of thought and PRAYER, Boston has decided to attend the conference. She's already putting forth a lot of effort to earn the money! She and her friend Kira have weeded vinyl for me and each earned about $50 in less than two hours! Boston also made some magnets
that she is selling at Ssweet Pea Boutique. It's obvious we are going to have to come up with some other ideas to earn the money, but she is off to a good start and I am confident that the experience of earning the money will be as useful and good for my girl as the conference itself!

Here's a few goofy Boston lines, none of which will likely make sense to anyone but me, but that's okay!

"Ziplock! Corner! Buddy! Easy!"
"Fricky-fricky-fricky-fresh! LONG division problem!"
"I like SPOONS!" (actually, that's more of a Hunter line, but that's okay!)
"Is this hot-chocolate good? Or sorta cheesy???"
Anyway- Boston is fabulously fun to shop with, giggle with, and joke with. She's a hard worker and a compassionate friend. She is kind to others, even when they are hard to be kind to. She is good to her siblings and obedient to her mom and dad. She's just a great kid and I love her!

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