Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He's AMAZING! And he's MINE!

Can I just tell you that my sweet husband is AMAZING! I seriously must be the luckiest girl alive! Since he has been home from Tennessee the last week and a half, Dave has gone OUT OF HIS WAY to tackle honey-do lists, take care of kiddos, bring me CHOCOLATE and anything else he can think of to be a sweet-heart and help my stress be less. Here's some of the AMAZING things he's been up to! (I also gotta say, I LOVE summer!)

  1. Built a chicken CASTLE (I'll post pics soon, I promise!)
  2. Put together our 2nd compost tumbler
  3. fixed and adjusted sprinklers, drip system etc.
  4. Cleaned and organized the garage (I can park my 'Burban where it b'longs!)
  5. Mowed and edged the yard TWICE!
  6. Cleaned out the freezer
  7. Not only ALL of the above HUGE projects, but he's also helped take care of kids, washed dishes, run errands, and done ANYTHING he can to be helpful and sweet!
I have needed his help sooooo much! My one class has been such a beast! With daycare and vinyl and LIFE on top of all of it, I don't think I could have gone another 2 weeks without my better half. Baby you're amazing! Love you!
(This picture was taken at the hospital right before I had Paxton. The t-shirt says it all!)

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  1. Dave is quite a guy. I guess you are going to keep him? I LOVE his t-shirt...a little too close to the truth for all married men, unfortunately. I think they LIKE being told what to do!