Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Symphony, Cucumbers, and Deer???

Saturday night, Boston attended the SYMPHONY with me! I had to attend for a class I am taking. Boston has been learning to play the violin this year, so she was the perfect date for me! We both really enjoyed the concert, but I enjoyed watching the audience more! Pardon me for saying so, but many symphony-goers appear to be so darn "artsy-fartsy!" Giggling. The best audience watching was that the particular pieces being played were much like a lullaby in places and literally put many audience members to sleep! Then would come a huge clamor from the drum section and some people jumped right out of their seats! It was AWESOME to watch!

As we were changing clothes before the symphony, I realized that I had a package of cucumber seeds in my jean pocket from planting the garden earlier that day. We joked around about how we'd driven into Salt Lake to go to the Symphony and plant cucumbers. Well, after the Symphony, we REALLY did plant 5 little cucumber seeds in the flower-beds outside KSL's studios! HAAAH! When we told Dave on the phone, he said, "Now watch, we'll be watching the news in a few weeks and Nadine Wimmer will mention that some wierdo planted cucumbers in their flower beds!" It was so much fun to be silly with my girl!

Sunday night we wound up at my brother Jason's house to hang out with family. We came back late that night because Dave had to help with Scout flags Monday morning. On the way home, we hit a deer, or, should I say, the deer hit us! Luckily no damage to the 'Burban other than a little ding above the driver's front tire that is barely noticable. Too bad I can't say the same for the deer, the poor guy! We are definitely watched over and protected, cuz that was a big guy!

So, my garden is finally all the way planted, I got the drip sytem's issues all smoothed out, and Dave built half of the chicken coop! (Boston has turned us into accidental chicken farmers!) Now if only my house had recovered from the weekend! I guess it's time to tackle it!


  1. OK CUCUMBERS at the Broad Cast House

  2. I am glad that you guys werent hurt. I am greatful for that. love you tons