Monday, June 14, 2010

They're GROWING!

Dear KSL,

I wanted to bring to your attention a new gardening practice called edible landscaping.
Here's a closer look:
See those two tiny plants with no flowers? They are cucumbers. They are growing in the flowerbed outside your studio. See previous entry. IT BROUGHT Boston and I both IMMENSE JOY to see that they were growing! Cucumber plants CAN be very beautiful! They produce beautiful flowers, too (and later, edible cylindrical fruit that has a green rind and crisp white flesh and can be either eaten fresh or PICKLED!)

So... I know it's a little strange that we planted cucumbers in your flowerbed...
PLEASE let them grow!

Valerie and Boston
(we watch KSL News at 10 EVERY night!)


  1. You guys are hilarious! That makes me laugh. Hopefully they won't pull them thinking they are weeds! I am also curious as to how you became accidental chicken farmers. It seems like the thing to do around here. Maybe I need to jump on the band wagon!

  2. So so great! I hope they last too! Wouldn't that be funny?

  3. I sent a "real" email to ksl as well. It was a bit tamer, but DID include me pointing out that perhaps one day "whom it may concern" might forget their lunch at home, and if the cucumbers were left to grow, they'd have a cylindrical bit of heaven to munch on! Giggling. Michele- Boston begged just enough and we decided it could be highly educational. I guess the "accidental" part is just that I never ever envisioned myself raising chickens! EVER! After the grasshoppers last year, I am liking the idea more daily, although they sure do smell bad! My composter likes their "shtuff!"