Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Evenings are the Best!

Last night is my favorite kind of night... The nights where we all venture outside and the kids play and play while Dave and I tackle yard work and enjoy the cooler air. Paxton especially was just so fun last night! He punkered around the yard, doing silly things like drinking the dog water, puppy style, digging in the sand box and teasing the chickens. Kamden and Holden giggled and teased each other on the swings for hours and Kenzi just sort of did her own thing, including yelling at Saydee (our Sheltie) that if she didn't come, she wasn't going to play with her anymore! Boston had gone with Grandma to visit her cousins and it was strange not having her here! I got the vegetable garden weeded, Dave got the lawn mowed, and I managed to convince Paxton that the baby swing is not a torture-device! It was nice to venture away from studying for a bit and just enjoy my children and some therapeutic time in the garden. Here's some of the pics I snapped of the kids playing:

Kid Quote of the WEEK: An alarm on my cellphone went off while Boston and I were in line at Subway. Boston has figured out that if she smacks the pocket of my purse that the phone is in, it will turn it off. Well, this time the phone was in the back pocket of my pants, so she smacked my hiney! She must have thought smacking me was fun cuz long after the alarm stopped, she was still smacking my hiney. "Why are you still smacking me?" I asked. Her response? "I'm texting!" Love that girl!


  1. I love summer too! It dawned on me a couple of days ago that we only have a few more weeks of bliss before another new school year starts :-( I just wish summer could last a little bit longer than it does. And what is crazy is my garden is finally producing. How are your plants doing in the buckets?

  2. Yah, but I love summer nights AFTER school starts just as much! I didn't end up doing any buckets after all, life just got too crazy- but the garden is doing well. ☺!