Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurting Hands, Healing Hands

Last night I did something SOOOO stupid! I burnt BOTH hands to China moving a bowl of boiling water from the microwave. The bowl was not only too hot to be moving the way I did, but too full with the nearest countertop too far away. Anyway, long story short, it didn't seem too hot when I started, but seemed to get hotter as I went. The countertop is across the room a bit and the faster I hurried, the more boiling hot water I spilt on myself. I finally made a decision to drop the glass bowl and risk it shattering because the results would have been better. Oh I'm an idiot!

Anyway- as long as I kept my hands in a bucket of cool water, I was fine, but I knew that eventually I had to transition out and the pain was too much to bare! I phoned a friend that is a nurse and another friend that works in Tooele's ER. Both gave good advice and suggested that a trip to the ER was unnecessary and that they wouldn't be able to do anything for me that I wasn't already doing.

Dave and Bobby gave me a Priesthood blessing, standing right there at my kitchen sink with my hands in a bucket! Kenzington came into the kitchen just before they offered the blessing and they told her what they were going to do. It was sooo cute, she told them not to worry cuz she would put her hands on my head and say a prayer! They explained to her a bit about blessings, but I sure thought that was darling!

Like I mentioned above, if I didn't have my hands in cool water the pain was SOOOO intense! The only way I can describe it is that if they weren't in cool water, it felt like I had them in boiling water. I'm not sure exactly how I knew, but from that blessing I knew that if I could go 10-15 minutes without that bucket of water, the pain would end and I'd be able to sleep, but it was just getting through those 10-15 minutes that would be the miserable part. All I could do was just bawl and pray. Dave actually gave me another blessing for comfort while I was going through that transition time. No sooner had he placed his hands on my head than the pain began to subside in my left hand. No sooner had he lifted them from my head when the pain began to subside from my right hand. 5 minutes later and I was able to relax a bit and soon sleep throughout the night with very little pain. The Priesthood works!

Today I can (obviously) type, and clean, and do pretty much anything I normally would do! I was soooo worried about that! We take our hands for granted! Also, I start school today and I am very grateful to have almost full use of my hands, just as I was promised in that blessing last night. There are a few things I need to do carefully and slowly, but I'm grateful to be able to do at all. The Priesthood works!

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Week Into It!

Okeydoke- so we are one week into it all-

1 week into the kids and Dave back at school (so far, so good!)
1 week into NO GROCERY SHOPPING and no eating out (I've had my moments of REALLY
wanting to just go grab burgers or whatever, but so far so good!)

My head is spinning a bit trying to find the new norm. I have been SO GRUMPY THIS WEEK!

Some of my grumpiness comes from sending off all my best helpers to school. Dave and Boston have been amazing to have around this summer! And some of it comes from sending off all my kiddos. I'm just not ready! I knew there might be some emotional moments sending my own children off for first day, but nobody ever told me I'd get so emotional about sending off OTHER PEOPLE'S kiddos! My little Sydnee who I have watched since she was born is heading off not just to kindergarten, but to all-day kindergarten. My brain is fast forwarding to a few years from now when Terra won't need me at all anymore! That's the hardest part of daycare is letting my babies go. None of them were mine to begin with, but in sooo many ways, they are and always will be. Love you Super-Sydnee!

I start classes again on Monday. I'm not ready! All that has happened during the few weeks I've had off is catch-up on vinyl and housework etc. There has not been any kind of an actual BREAK for me! I'm not ready to start it all again and this round have 1/2 as many helpers and vinyl getting crazier all the time!

But- I guess it's time to be a big girl, take a BIG BREATH and head back in for round 2.

Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Don't Have to Can to Get to Heaven!

I've said it before and I STAND BY it still...

You don't have to can to get to Heaven!

Today I likely came the closest I ever will to canning...


I like lots of veggies in my sauce (shhh... DON'T TELL MY KIDS!- I pureed them!), which I hear can make it less safe in canning, and I don't own any canning equipment. But I had OOODLES of ripe and ready tomatoes from my garden (even though the gofers ate 2 plants x 3 times replacing them!) that i didn't want to go to waste sitting on my counter.

Thanks to my friend Christine for her recipe (which I sorta almost maybe kinda followed!) and been there done that tips, and to my momma for the use of her blender (although I didn't even ask permission!).

Mmmm! Smells DIVINE! Off to make some garlic bread to go with!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CHALLENGE- (pay attention, there's PRIZES!)

Okeydoke- so this morning I was making a bit of a shopping list. I was suddenly realizing that I really don't have a huge need to go to the grocery store as often as I used to. I've been getting all of my produce either from my garden or from Bountiful Baskets. Everything else I need and use is something I can store long term on the shelf or in the freezer. The one and only critical exception for me is MILK! Because of daycare, I can't use powdered milk like Country Cream (although I DO like Country Cream and my family doesn't even notice a difference!) I DON'T like the taste of Winder Dairy's milk (which is too bad, since they deliver!) and i refuse to rinse out jugs anyway, so I guess I still need the grocery store after all. BUT- I've decided to take on a challenge...

You want to play, too, don't you??? (Nod your head YES, because I am ALL about providing prizes to challenges, and I PROMISE prizes that you will like!)

But FIRST for the challenge:
Now for the rules:
You ARE allowed ONE LAST shopping trip before we start.
You ARE allowed to purchase fresh produce from the co-op of your choice.
You ARE allowed to purchase milk from the grocery store, but NOTHING ELSE.
You ARE NOT allowed to send spouses, friends, significant others, etc. (or anyone else for that
matter!) to the grocery store for you!

And now for the PRIZES!
(If my blog were more heavily traveled, I might be in TROUBLE!)
of your choice, for your home, up to 3 ft. in length up to 12 inches in height, one color for ANYONE that signs up for this challenge (by posting a comment saying that you're in!) before Saturday, August 21st AND successfully completes a month (so, September 21st) within the above rules. I'll even pay to ship it to you if you don't live where I do!

Be THOROUGH in your one-last-shop-shopping list-making!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kid Quotes of the Week!

Boston to Kenzi: "Shake your boody!"
Kenz: "I can't! When I shake my boody, my panties fall off!"
Getting in the car the other night, out of nowhere,
Kenz says: "Mom, where does Heavenly Fader live anyway?"
Before I can answer,
Kamden responds: "Way, WAY up in the sky... like in OUTER SPACE!"
Kenzington announcement!: "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to be a monster truck driver! My friend Chaille is going to be Hannah Tannah!"
Mom response: "Can I drive your monster truck sometimes?"
Kenz: "Nope, but I'll let you ride in the back!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hall Bathroom redux!

So- it started out as a "Let's FINALLY change out these nasty towel bars!" and sorta turned into a "Let's finally paint and DECORATE this ridiculous bathroom!"

Part of what took us so long to get to decorating this room in our home is the strange orange color of the bowl sink. I never EVER would have chosen it, but I've learned to sorta love it anyway! But it definitely is the boss of what we do with the rest of the room!

I think it turned out pretty cute! A few changes still to be made- the small hand towel is begging to be turquoise as well and I ran out of ribbon to tie around it. I need to put some photos in those little wave frames near the sink. Lastly, the trim and closet doors need a fresh coat of white paint to cover up the dark sage green that was applied by the previous homeowners in such an unfortunate fashion. I can't wait to have it FINISHED, but I couldn't wait to take pics of how far we've come! Thanks Handsome Husband for helping me paint!

Shauna Colvin’s Dinner Rolls

2 cups scalded milk (or better yet, 1 cup evaporated milk and 1 cup hottest tap water!)

¾ cup warm water

1 cube margarine, melted

***(you want the temperature of all the above liquids to be 90°-100° or about baby bottle temperature. So if you scald the milk or overheat the margarine, use cold water instead of warm water etc.)***

2 large eggs

½ cup sugar

2 tsp. salt

4 cups flour

2 Tbs. yeast

Add the ingredients in the order listed above, whisking in the eggs and adding the yeast on TOP of the flour (to shield it from the salt). Add 3-4 more cups flour, a ½ cup at a time until the dough cleans the sides and bottom of the bowl. Knead for 7 minutes. Turn out onto lightly floured surface. Squeeze off balls of dough about 2 ¼ inches in diameter. Place about ½ inch apart on a greased baking sheet. Preheat oven to 400°. Cover dough with warm wet towel and let rise about 20 minutes or until double. Bake 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with butter and cover with a towel until serving.

Shauna’s Sticky Pull-Apart Ring

Make Shauna’s dinner roll dough above. Preheat oven to 400°. Spray a Bundt pan with cooking spray. Place a ring of 2 ¼ inch balls of dough in the Bundt pan (usually there is a wider section every inch or so). Next place a second ring of dough balls in between each ball from the original ring. Sprinkle ½ of a small package of cook and serve butterscotch pudding mix evenly over the dough. Melt ¾ cube of margarine in the microwave. Mix ½ cup light brown sugar in with margarine. Pour the mixture over the roll dough. Cover with a warm damp towel and let rise about 15 minutes or until double. Bake about 20 minutes in 400° oven. Dump out immediately onto a serving plate and serve!

Shauna’s Italian Pull-Apart Ring

1 cube butter

1/8 tsp. dried minced garlic OR one clove fresh garlic

Make Shauna’s dinner roll dough above. Preheat oven to 400°. Spray a Bundt pan with cooking spray. Sprinkle pan with parmesan cheese. Dip 2 ¼ inch balls of dough in melted garlic butter and place in a ring around the bottom of the Bundt pan (usually there is a wider section every inch or so). Next place a second ring of buttered dough balls in between each ball from the original ring. Sprinkle more parmesan cheese evenly over top of dough balls. Pour remaining garlic butter evenly over top. Cover with a warm damp towel and let rise about 15 minutes or until double. Bake about 20 minutes in 400° oven. Dump out immediately onto a serving plate and serve!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FINALLY Done With Finals!

Whew! I made it! I took my last final for Summer semester today. I did well! HALLEFREAKINLEUIJIAH! Now to catch my breath on the rest of life and take a big gulp of air before starting Fall in a few weeks.

Kid Quote of the WEEK:
Boston put some of her hard earned money in her CD yesterday. It came up in conversation and Kamden, overhearing, mentioned that he wanted to "sell some money to the bank, too!"