Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CHALLENGE- (pay attention, there's PRIZES!)

Okeydoke- so this morning I was making a bit of a shopping list. I was suddenly realizing that I really don't have a huge need to go to the grocery store as often as I used to. I've been getting all of my produce either from my garden or from Bountiful Baskets. Everything else I need and use is something I can store long term on the shelf or in the freezer. The one and only critical exception for me is MILK! Because of daycare, I can't use powdered milk like Country Cream (although I DO like Country Cream and my family doesn't even notice a difference!) I DON'T like the taste of Winder Dairy's milk (which is too bad, since they deliver!) and i refuse to rinse out jugs anyway, so I guess I still need the grocery store after all. BUT- I've decided to take on a challenge...

You want to play, too, don't you??? (Nod your head YES, because I am ALL about providing prizes to challenges, and I PROMISE prizes that you will like!)

But FIRST for the challenge:
Now for the rules:
You ARE allowed ONE LAST shopping trip before we start.
You ARE allowed to purchase fresh produce from the co-op of your choice.
You ARE allowed to purchase milk from the grocery store, but NOTHING ELSE.
You ARE NOT allowed to send spouses, friends, significant others, etc. (or anyone else for that
matter!) to the grocery store for you!

And now for the PRIZES!
(If my blog were more heavily traveled, I might be in TROUBLE!)
of your choice, for your home, up to 3 ft. in length up to 12 inches in height, one color for ANYONE that signs up for this challenge (by posting a comment saying that you're in!) before Saturday, August 21st AND successfully completes a month (so, September 21st) within the above rules. I'll even pay to ship it to you if you don't live where I do!

Be THOROUGH in your one-last-shop-shopping list-making!

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  1. I COULD do it if I HAD to, but I'm not sure I want to right now. LOL Good Luck!