Friday, August 27, 2010

One Week Into It!

Okeydoke- so we are one week into it all-

1 week into the kids and Dave back at school (so far, so good!)
1 week into NO GROCERY SHOPPING and no eating out (I've had my moments of REALLY
wanting to just go grab burgers or whatever, but so far so good!)

My head is spinning a bit trying to find the new norm. I have been SO GRUMPY THIS WEEK!

Some of my grumpiness comes from sending off all my best helpers to school. Dave and Boston have been amazing to have around this summer! And some of it comes from sending off all my kiddos. I'm just not ready! I knew there might be some emotional moments sending my own children off for first day, but nobody ever told me I'd get so emotional about sending off OTHER PEOPLE'S kiddos! My little Sydnee who I have watched since she was born is heading off not just to kindergarten, but to all-day kindergarten. My brain is fast forwarding to a few years from now when Terra won't need me at all anymore! That's the hardest part of daycare is letting my babies go. None of them were mine to begin with, but in sooo many ways, they are and always will be. Love you Super-Sydnee!

I start classes again on Monday. I'm not ready! All that has happened during the few weeks I've had off is catch-up on vinyl and housework etc. There has not been any kind of an actual BREAK for me! I'm not ready to start it all again and this round have 1/2 as many helpers and vinyl getting crazier all the time!

But- I guess it's time to be a big girl, take a BIG BREATH and head back in for round 2.

Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!

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  1. Valerie, y
    ou did not mention the stress of doing your calling and having to pull off a Super Saturday coming up :-) I made that bow/flower holder today after I got off the phone with you. Check it out on my blog.