Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Don't Have to Can to Get to Heaven!

I've said it before and I STAND BY it still...

You don't have to can to get to Heaven!

Today I likely came the closest I ever will to canning...


I like lots of veggies in my sauce (shhh... DON'T TELL MY KIDS!- I pureed them!), which I hear can make it less safe in canning, and I don't own any canning equipment. But I had OOODLES of ripe and ready tomatoes from my garden (even though the gofers ate 2 plants x 3 times replacing them!) that i didn't want to go to waste sitting on my counter.

Thanks to my friend Christine for her recipe (which I sorta almost maybe kinda followed!) and been there done that tips, and to my momma for the use of her blender (although I didn't even ask permission!).

Mmmm! Smells DIVINE! Off to make some garlic bread to go with!

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