Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deep breaths!

I have a new calling at church. I was called today to be my ward's Relief Society president.

Deep breaths...

I've been taking a lot of those lately...

I have never ever had such anxiety over a calling! EVER! Over the last several weeks I have had lots of sleepless nights and worry. Thankfully I am able to sleep these days and worry much less, but I am still a bit of a nervous wreck!

But I have faith in Heavenly Father and I have faith in His timing. I know that whom the Lord calls, the Lord blesses with whatever they need to be equal to the call. Boy does He have a tall order in front of Him as far as that is concerned.

More deep breaths!

I don't know how things are going to work, but I do know that they will. Somehow I will find time for what matters most and work in all that is asked of me.

Faith in God includes faith in His timing.

(more deep breaths!)

KID QUOTE OF THE DAY: Paxton! (first time I've quoted him!) As the Sacrament was being passed today, Paxton, excited for the water, began calling out to the deacons to bring it to him. In his mind, tall males are Da-da... this is what he said, "Daaaaaaa-daah! Iunwa-uh!" He repeated this over and over to them until he had a cute little cup in his hands and dumped it all over both of us! It was JUST about the cutest thing ever!


  1. Wow, Val! That's exciting... to say the least! ;) You will be so wonderful! And fun! And creative! And loving! You go, Girl! ;)

  2. Wow, what a calling, Valerie! And I cannot think of a single better person for the job!!

  3. (Really??? Cuz I can think of 50! Giggling!)

  4. Valerie, I am in shock for you. Because if I were ever to receive this calling I would be in shock for myself!!lol
    All I can say is WOW. and delegate....

  5. Jan- I was floored myself to say the least. Still taking lots of deep breaths. Here I was hoping you were going to share years of experience and wisdom from personal experience! I very much DO intend to delegate! It's the only way anything will get done!

  6. Jodi was the RS pres for a while in our West Jordan ward. Call her for advice.