Friday, October 29, 2010

Kid Quote Of the DECADE!

(At least so far- the decade is still young!) Kamden had his baptismal interview with our bishop last night. Afterward he and I were walking home from the church, hand in hand, and talking about his upcoming baptism. I asked him if he was scared at all. He said no. Then he admitted maybe a little- of being dunked under water. I told him that he didn't need to be afraid- that Daddy would help him hold his nose and things would be fine. He thought a minute and then asked, "Can I wear goggles please???" Can't you just picture that? Too funny. Seems like just yesterday he was the little kid that could barely talk that, watching someone else be baptized, sat so close to the font that you worried he might dive in. On one such occasion- Cassidy's baptism, Barry pulled her up out of the water and Kamden announced loud enough that the entire room giggled, "OH...-that GOOD!" -- Love that boy!

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  1. Love it! :D They're little brains process SO MUCH as they're growing... it is so fun to hear about some of the things they think about. :)