Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ramblings and a kid quote or 2!

This last week I had some opportunities to think about what is most important in life. Not that we don't always have such opportunities, but you know, sometimes we get caught in a bit of a spiritual inversion and can't clearly see the most important things that are right there in front of us. If we can find a way to take opportunity to rise above the smog of life we are often stuck in and blow that inversion out- the aerial view can be really enlightening as to where we are, where we want to be, and even the best route of getting there.

I think that so often we are caught up with things that are truly not important. Things that essentially will not matter tomorrow, next week, or a year from now. Things that we think will make our daily lives better, or at least make them APPEAR better to those around us. Things that truly do not make a difference toward what life truly is about. We've often lost sight of WHAT life is about! Our time, talent, and energy is often consumed either in doing things that do not matter, OR not consumed on anything- just wasted away to nothing by our complete inactivity.

Now there are many activities that we HAVE to do that are also unproductive toward what life is all about. May I just say they are easier done cheerfully than begrudgingly. They are part of the journey, we may as well enjoy them.

Okay- I'm not sure who left this microphone on, but I'm stepping down from the step-stool I climbed on to reach it and sneaking off the stage quietly...

So, I'm a week and a day into the semester and so far so good. It did help that yesterday was a holiday! All that's really taken place so far is those first days of class when the teacher and syllabus scare you out of your mind. On to those second days which will take place this week- you know, the ones where you realize that you are already behind and the real WORK begins. Wish me luck!

And now, the real reason you've been reading thus far: The KID QUOTES OF THE DAY!
  • We often purchase donuts on Saturday night to eat for breakfast on Sunday Morning. This last Saturday, the store had already sold all of their boxed dozens which left me scouring the remnants of the case for anything worthwhile. We ended up with "bars" instead of traditional donuts. Kenzington, upon seeing these said, "Daddy, these donuts don't have any holes in them!" A few minutes later after discovering that hers was cream-filled she announced that "someone took the holes and filled them up with ice-cream!
  • Last night I overheard Kenzington, who wasn't eating her dinner long after most of the family had left the table saying something about Heavenly Father coming down from outer-space and telling her she needed to eat her dinner or He was going to "spank her bum!" I sorta giggled and made a mental note that we had some clear topics for future family home evening lessons just as Holden announced to her that Heavenly Father doesn't live in outer space and then asked, "Mom, isn't Jesus the one that controls the weather?" Gotta love kids. The FHE list just got longer!
Onward, ever Onward! Here we go!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Ready To Take The Plunge!

Have you ever participated in a Polar Bear Swim? You know, you see them on the news sometimes and it's when a group of people get together to go for an outdoor swim in ridiculously freezing temperatures. I have never understood what might lead a person to participate in such an event other than perhaps peer pressure or wanting to be a part of something crazy. Yet right now I find myself with, what I imagine anyway, those people must feel just before the plunge. I am about to start another Semester of school. I know it's going to be a lot to deal with and I don't feel very protected against the elements in front of me, but it's time to dive in anyway and I guess there's no turning back now. Here we go!

Life has been good. REALLY CRAZY, but good. As always, I am overwhelmed with the countless blessings in my life that have allowed me to somehow keep up with it all. Here's a list of a few of them:
  • My Handsome Husband- I love you Sir! I know it is often stressful around here, but we're a pretty dynamic duo and with you by my side, we somehow manage to be able to take on the world. I don't know what I would do without you! Love you!
  • Boston Danielle- I look at you, sis, and I'm the proudest mom ever! You're pretty responsible and helpful for a twelve year old. I know sometimes it's hard on you to have life be so crazy around here, but you've been super tough and a super big help. I love ya!
  • Mom- When I first suggested you should move here, I thought it was to help you. Now I know first hand it was to help me. I know sometimes it feels like we need to make an appointment with each other in order to find time to catch up. But I love that you are usually just downstairs and that you are always willing to weed vinyl, watch kiddos, or make the occasional pancakes and eggies. You're still one of my heroes! Love you!
  • TIVO- When I have reached the rare moment when I need to sit still and chill, you have those couple of shows that can make me LAUGH like nothing else ready to go for me. When it's time for bed and it's long past 10, I can count on you to show me the 10 o'clock news and let me skip the commercials so I can turn my brain off and sleep. I'm a better mom because of you! Love ya!
  • The Mormon Channel- Thanks for inspiring me, uplifting me, and helping me think outside of my house! I will forever be a better person because of you. I can only stomach so much Mo-Tab, but you never take it personal when I flip to LDS radio for a few to get me through.
  • The LORD- You are always finding ways to make me equal to the call! My best really wouldn't be anywhere close to good enough, but you really do make up the difference as we go, not just all at the end. I'm so grateful for the promptings you send my way. You trust me with a lot and I'm grateful for opportunities to be the messenger sometimes and help spread your love and service to others. I love you!
Guess what- I'm realizing I AM more protected against the elements in front of me than I thought. So here I go! I'm taking a deep breath, pulling a "not so sure about this" face, and I'm going to jump in.

Is it okay if I don't get my hmm-hmms wet yet?