Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lists These Days

I am done with school for now. I got my associates degree, which was the goal for now, and it's time to go back to being a wife and mother full time and getting my life back in focus. We're all trying to find the new norm around here and get back into some habits and break some others. There's one thing that seems inevitable in life: CHANGE

Some of the lists around here have changed a bit.
  • Housework has finally MADE the list! Not to say I didn't do any before, but I just might get on top of it and stay on top of it now!
  • HOMEWORK is NOWHERE on ANYONE'S list for now!
  • The kids each have their own lists-AND they are actually completing them!
  • PACKING lists are not just junk that comes inside orders from vinyl/clockpart suppliers- Boston is preparing for her trip to DC and Dave is off on his trip to Croatia. Let's just hope they are also good at UNPACKING when all is said and done!
  • Grocery lists are a once a month thing again. HOORAY!
  • YARD WORK is not only on the list these days, but doable somewhere in between rainstorms! What wacky weather we've walloped through!
  • We have a little bit of a list of things we want to do this summer, but we aren't planning to go very far or do very much
  • Somehow, soaking in a HOT TUB got added to the list! I am yet to achieve it as the tub will be delivered tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to that one!
I don't have any funny kid quotes to add here right now cuz I haven't taken the time to jot any down, but here's a thought for the day, care of my amazing Uncle Daryl who is the closest thing on the planet to my Old Weird Dad:
"Always try to do things in chronological order; it's less confusing that way!"
On to my list for today which includes baking bread, cleaning up a bit, and spreading out LOTS of dirt all over my back yard. Never a dull moment. Much as I HATE some of the daily grind that makes up a bit of life, I am grateful to have more time to do it all in these days. Life is good! I am so blessed!

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