Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday was one of those days with Paxton- the boy was just on a roll. Such a little turkey through Sacrament Meeting. The highlight of his Paxton-ness was when he dumped an entire bag of colored marshmallows on the family room floor. Oh my goodness he is sooooooo very two!

Holden's baptism preview was last night. I can't believe my boy is going to be 8 in a few months! He was so excited about the evening. When he first got the invitation, he just kept re-reading it. He pointed the word refreshments out to me a few different times. And I think he was excited to have his mom and dad to himself. He's sure a cute boy and he tries so hard to be good.

With school starting there has been a lot of daycare turn-over at my house. I suddenly find myself with 6 two year olds a couple of days every week. I'm full to the brim a lot of the time. They sure are fun though and they play together nicely, most of the time. Every year I worry for just a moment about whether the kids will get along well and whether I'll generated enough income to make daycare worthwhile. Then I tell myself to just trust Heavenly Father and it will all work out and it does! I'm so blessed.

Paxton is learning to talk better and better. He still doesn't finish lots of his words, but he's consistently using his versions of them and he's stringing things together and communicating his wants and needs pretty well.

The kids, except Paxton are all in gymnastics classes together on Thursday nights. They are all enjoying it and have learned a lot. Kamden struggles a little bit- he's never been incredibly physical, but he's come a long way. Holden has potential to be a little gymnast!

Boston just got a part in the school play so we'll see less and less of her in the upcoming months. She's enjoying junior high and is making lots of new friends. She was invited to her first boy-girl party the other night, good thing it was Tyson's party- he's such a good kid and I trust his parents. She had a really good time. She's growing up way to fast!

Dave and I just celebrated fourteen years together- gee I feel old! He sure is my better half! I'm the lucky one for sure!

There is talk of him possibly going to Japan for a few weeks in January with National Guard and talk of Kosovo in a few years for a longer term mission. I guess we'll just see what life brings.

I guess I better go bake bread and get caught up on housework.

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