Monday, October 3, 2011

Highlights From General Conference

I LOVE General Conference. Usually. This year, the first session found me a bit grumpy for no really good reason, but grumpy all the same. I think if I'd not had a late night the night before I may have done better. Goodness! I repented before the second session and got a lot more out of it. Today I find myself going back through and listening to some of my favorites all over again.

In the Saturday afternoon session, Elder Ian S. Ardern spoke to us on using our time wisely. There were some obvious puns at those addicted to social media and video games, including some specifics directed at "Facebook" and "Angry Birds." Ultimately, the overall point was that our time should be spent best caring for and serving one another and serving the Lord, not going from one time wasting activity to another. What a great talk! Well worth listening to. And I LOVED that it felt so relevant to TODAY!

Elder Robert D. Hales spoke to us from his chair, apparently recovering from some health problems. He looked so different! That kind gentle voice and sweet smile shown through an obviously older and very different looking face. I'm not sure what health problems he's been encountering, but I appreciated his talk about waiting upon the Lord. He spoke of trials, especially trials of the righteous, being a test of our hope and trust in the Lord. He said that if we will continue forward in patience until we are perfected, our afflictions will work together for our good. I dare say he knows a thing or two about what he was speaking on! My favorite quote from this talk was, "Often we pray to have patience, but we want it right now." Yes, the irony of it all!

Our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson spoke to us many times throughout this conference- arriving late to the Saturday morning session and speaking to us only briefly with high security ever near him. He announced several new temples to be built, including one in Paris France, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Columbia, Star Valley Wyoming, and for the Provo Tabernacle which burnt down last year to be restored and to become an additional temple in Provo Utah! How Exciting! Our prophet joked and smiled with conference goers throughout his talks- we got to see a bit of his fun personality. He is so neat!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke to us Sunday afternoon on the importance of knowing Christ and doing his will, not merely doing things in his name. I found myself vowing to do better at knowing Christ and what Christ would have me do to serve my family and those around me. I have often forgotten to seek revelation when acting in Christ's name as I serve in my calling. I'm going to do better!

My favorite talk was given by Matthew O. Richardson on being REAL parents, leaders, teachers, and missionaries by teaching BY the Spirit, not in front of or behind the Spirit, but BY the Spirit. I had never thought of the word BY to mean next to, but Elder Richardson helped me think of it in that way. This talk helped me to realize that we are NEVER effective teachers, even when it is not a gospel topic, if we do not seek the guidance of the Spirit to know what to say and do to teach. I am especially excited to implement what I learned from this talk to the challenges and teaching moments I encounter as a parent. I'm so grateful for the insights gained from this talk!

I'm grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I'm grateful to be able to hear from the living prophet of the Lord and know of the Lord's will for HIS church and His children. And now on to LIVING it!

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  1. Matthew Richardsons talk was my fav. too! I loved his story about the little girl. I think it is so true people around us watch us and see if we are REAL teachers, missionaries, leaders, parents and members.
    I also agree seeing Robert Hales in a chair and a different look was surprising. Hopefully his health gets better. I am always sad to see those we love in conditions that are not familiar. I love your blog on the conference. Great idea~!