Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Stay-Cation From The Norm!

Even when there is no school for Dave or the kids, daycare and church responsibilities make it hard for our family to get away for very long. This was the case again when school was out last Thursday and Friday for UEA. That was okay with us, though, because none of us were interested in spending hours in the car or the work of packing and unpacking. In fact, to look at my house today, one can deduct that we weren't much interested in any kind of work at all! Family, Fun, and a bit of a break was all we had on our minds!

Thursday we slept in a little and stayed in our jammies for a bit. We only had 3 daycare kids so the day was very low key. Dave and I tidied our bedroom a bit and I started on a project for our room that I've been wanting to do for months. Sadly, it still isn't finished but I'm hoping to get to it today. Dave being home made it easier for me to make some Relief Society visits, but we only found one of the sisters on our list at home. We made pizza for dinner and the kids all had gymnastics that evening.

Friday began with some cute kids from the ward arriving- their daddy had surgery just the day before and wasn't doing so well. My kids thought it was great because they each had a playmate for the day! They went home shortly after lunch as did the 2 daycare kids I was watching. We headed out for a little family fun!

We started at the pumpkin patch! Our own garden only produced one pumpkin this year. Kamden was the driving force behind this visit- he's really wanting to decorate for fall! The kids enjoyed searching for the perfect pumpkins and pulling Paxton around the patch in a wagon. We all climbed back on the car and headed off too the next adventure- the zip line at Miller Motorsports Park!

Not much was going on that day- the go-cart track was full, but that's about it. A PERFECT day for us to be there! We went to the cart center and paid for the zip line. Kenz tried and tried to think tall thoughts, but she just wasn't 42 inches! Good thing we brought Grandma to hang out with Kenzington and Paxton. Too bad Grandma couldn't be convinced to join in the fun!

The zip line starts right where it ends! You sit in a ski lift type of chair and wait to be harnessed in behind you. Before you know it you are high in the air looking out over all of Miller Motorsports Park! Almost as quickly as you arrive at the top, you're on your way down at about 40 mph where you safely bounce backward a time or two and you're done! We all enjoyed it, but we all wished it weren't over so quickly! The kids enjoyed the playground for a little while and then we headed off to our next adventure: DI!

Deseret Industries is one of our family's favorite places to be. It's always adventurous to look for a treasure. Everyone seemed to find something they thought was cool- now THIS is the reason my house is always such a wreck! Actually, we rent from DI- it all ends up back there eventually and they have no late fees! ;)

We went to dinner at Apollo Burger where we visited with some friends who happened to come in. Then we stopped on the way home to rent a RedBox movie and headed home to enjoy!

Saturday we had a few loose ends we needed to tie up at home by noon we were headed into Salt Lake to run a few errands and punker around. We parked at the Gateway and meandered through, stopping, of course, at Old Navy and the splash pad. The real goal here was for Paxton to be able to ride Trax which is Salt Lake City's light rail system. Paxton is OBSESSED with trains! We needed to pick up some prints at Costco in West Valley City, so we decided that Dave would drive the car there and the rest of us would take the train. The kids thought it was so much fun! We've ridden Trax lots of times before, but because of where we were going it traveled a bit faster and went up over viaducts and through the "Spaghetti Bowl." None of the kids would stay sitting in one spot! They visited with other passengers and traded seats each time the train slowed down or stopped. Kamden insisted on hanging from the subway handles, even though he wasn't tall enough to reach them! I think other passengers just wished we would get off!

We met up in WVC and went to Costco to pick up our prints. My mom finished her shift at the temple and met us there as well. We did some quick Costco shopping and then headed to one of our favorites for dinner: Bajio! We've missed Bajio since the one in Tooele closed down. My mom headed to Bobby's and we headed on back to Tooele- we had one more fun adventure planned: The stargazing party at Stansbury Park observatory.

We'd never been to the observatory before and came a little unprepared- we thought it would be indoors and it was not. We were cold! We stayed for a little while and then headed to the car to get warm. The kids had entered a drawing for a chance to win a telescope, but they wouldn't be drawing for another half hour. We went to the new grocery store in Stansbury and looked around for a bit. Then we headed back to the observatory for the drawing. I stayed in the car with Paxton and Kenzi and Dave took the bigger kids over. Well it wasn't long before they were headed back to the car carrying not one, but TWO TELESCOPES! I guess it's a good thing we came back!

Our late night still wasn't done- a quick stop at WalMart for donuts (our favorite Sunday Breakfast) and choosing Halloween costumes, then home to tuck the turkeys in bed and finally relax! Although it was late, Dave and I watched "The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman that Dave had rented the night before. Cute movie!

Thank GOODNESS that Sunday is a day of rest! Dave spoke in church and did an excellent job. While sometimes Sundays are runaround days for me, this one was actually spent mostly at home with one meeting in the morning and a few quick visits right after church. We had a good UEA weekend and now I'm ready for real life and routines to start again! Onward, ever onward!

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