Monday, October 17, 2011

Temple Experiences

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience. My mom, who is a worker in the Salt Lake Temple, took me with her to the temple worker's devotional that is held annually in the upper room of the temple. President Henry B. Eyring spoke to us there. The Spirit was SOOOOO strong! I know he is a servant of our Father in Heaven and I enjoyed every minute of listening to him speak.

One of the things that made the experience neat for me was that we went up one of the not often seen spiral staircases. Another thing that made the experience neat was that they opened the round windows which run along the top center of the temple. The music from both the choir and congregation was amazing and I think it would have been neat to be outside the temple and hear that music coming from within.

Often times it is difficult from inside the temple to envision where you are in comparison to the outside of the temple, but those windows made it easy for us and we could still see them open as we drove away. Then we rushed home to get the kids ready for church because Dave was at guard and we knew we would only have a few hours to do that in.

Just the day before, on Saturday, I spent the day thinking about the temple in a different way. I did a Super Saturday temple picture project with a ward in Spanish Fork. My brother Brian came and helped with the projects, which was neat for many of the ladies because he is also the photographer! His other amazing photos can be seen here! We managed to help finish 42 framed photos of the temple that day! I LOVE knowing that there will be 42 more walls with a really neat picture of the temple hanging on them!

This weekend underlined something else for me: I have an amazing daughter and an amazing husband! Dave and I somehow managed to overbook things- he had guard and I had the temple pictures and the devotional. Dave worked hard to help make sure I had everything ready for Saturday and Boston babysat all weekend long. I'm so proud of her!

Now if only we all had a weekend to recuperate from the business of the weekend!

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