Friday, March 23, 2012

Motherhood Subway Art

I've been playing around with some subway art today for a Tooele City Arts Council boutique that's coming up.  I LOVE doing this kind of thing.  Here's my latest:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite Things Night

Last night was one of the funnest nights I've ever had at a Relief Society Activity.  My friend Jenny, who was just released as RS activity coordinator, took the idea from this cute blog and then we made it our own.  Because we had a new and very overwhelmed new meeting coordinator and only one committee member, we all pitched in and the night was a huge success!

This is how our posters looked:  (see my cute toes?) 

And here's a digital file of it that we used for email reminders  (we actually had to move our date because of caucus meetings, but being obedient helped us have an extra week to prepare as well as learn more about politics!)

We always plan with a purpose and I wanted to make sure that the sisters could feel what the purpose was and went away feeling like it was worth their time.  What we really wanted to achieve here was a night out where the women of our ward could get to know each other better and we could basically give them gifts of appreciation for all that they each do to serve others.

We started the evening by singing As Sisters In Zion followed by a prayer.  I then took a minute to explain what the night was about and to tell the women that while sometimes their loads are heavy and they may feel burdened by the everyday duldrums of life, they matter!  I played this song, which is called Who You Are by Hilary Weeks for everyone and then I got the fun started.

We had everyone write their name on a paper on the way in.  A person would start by telling us about their "favorite things" they had brought with them and why they love it.  They would draw a name out of the basket and then they tell everyone what they knew about that person.  If the person was someone they didn't know well, everyone helped tell what they knew about that person.  That person would then come up and choose one of the other person's favorite things to keep and the rest went on a table in the back.  Then they had to share what they had brought and why it was their favorites and draw a name out to spotlight the next person.  At the end, those who had brought more than one favorite thing could go choose from the items on the back table.  We also had some favorite things that were from the RS to everyone, which included these darling little thumb tacks made from art dough, the words "no soliciting" cut in vinyl for everyone's front door, a recipe or 2, a paperclip bookmark, and then some sisters had brought enough of their favorites for everyone to include lifesavers and air fresheners.  And these cute little chocolate scriptures (found the idea on pinterest, changed it a little to meet my needs) that you can make, too!  (Cuz scriptures and chocolate at the same time are the BEST!)

If you want to make some just like this, you can access the pdf file I made to print by going here!  Other things you will need are 2 Hershey's nuggets for each one, Elmer's glue, a small ribbon or paper for a bookmark, a rectangle of black paper sized 1 1/2inches by 2 1/4 inches, and a little  bit of patience! A little hint on the ribbon, glue it to the bottom center between the "pages" first and then tuck one end in between the nuggets at the top once it is dry.

Tammy, our new RS activities coordinator made these cute little brown paper bags tied with a string for everyone to put their loot in (wish I'd taken a picture!)  IT WAS SO FUN LEARNING ABOUT EVERYONE!  We also had birthday cake to celebrate 170 years of Relief Society and enjoyed visiting a sharing good company while we ate.  The Spirit was there and all who came left glad that they had come!